Top 10 Best Weed Eaters of 2020

You can look at the task of trimming your hedges and lawn as either a chore that you need to get done or else get in trouble with your neighbors, or you can look at it as an opportunity to relax and enjoy the very reason why you bought a house and not an apartment: your garden.

Best Weed Eaters of 2020

In either case, the difference between enjoying and resenting a task is really on you and the way you choose to approach that challenge. However, there is some truth to the notion that great tools make any job fun, and that is certainly the case with weed eaters.

Having to go over the same part of the lawn over and over again, or hacking away at a hedge and not being able to get it to look right no matter how much you try is never fun.

So we decided to come up with the following list of the best weed eaters on the market, where each and every one of these tools will deliver a minimum level of quality that will guarantee that you can have fun while taking care of your lawn. Of course some are better than others, some are faster, more silent, or easier to use.

That is why right after the list you will find an in-depth review for each product, so make sure to scroll down and check those out before you make any sort of decision.

1. Black & Decker LST136W 40V Max Lithium String Trimmer

WORX WG896 12 Amp 7.5' Electric Lawn Edger &...

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There are certainly much cheaper alternatives for a good weed trimmer than the Black & Decker LST136W 40V Max Lithium String Trimmer, but when it comes to power and comfort of use there is really no beating it. The first thing to notice is that this is a Black & Decker tool so you know you will get to enjoy it for many years to come without any problems.

There is also the fact that it uses a 40V lithium battery that has several advantages. For one it is a very large, powerful battery so it delivers a lot of power and it will allow you to trim away to your heart’s content without needing a charge.

The other great thing about a lithium battery is the fact that it holds its charge over long periods of time and, although not recommended, it will not die out if you leave it uncharged for longer periods of time. And you can switch between the high power setting and the long battery life depending on the job at hand.

You can also change the Black & Decker LST136W 40V Max Lithium String Trimmer from a trimmer to an edger with a simple turn of the shaft. So, all and all, as long as you can afford it, this would be the best choice you currently have on the market.

2. Black and Decker LST420 20-volt 

BLACK+DECKER LST420 20V MAX Lithium High...

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If you liked the features of the Black & Decker LST136W but are not quite ready to make such a large investment, your best alternative is the Black and Decker LST420 20-volt Max Lithium High Performance Trimmer and Edger. It has the same basic features the ability to change from a trimmer to an edger, or the switch between delivering raw power or long-lasting battery life.

The biggest difference is that here you only get a 20-volt lithium battery, but it is a double pack. So the battery may ran out on you, if you have one of those particularly large gardens with a lot of hedges, but then again, you can always change the batteries since you already have 2 of them. And being lithium, they pretty much take care of themselves.

3. GreenWorks 21212 4Amp 13-Inch Corded String Trimmer

Greenworks 4 Amp 13' Corded Electric String...

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After we have spent so much time talking about how relaxing trimming your lawn can be, you would be right to accuse us of coming up with some very stressful prices. That is because the best tools do cost quite a lot of money, but, if you are willing to do a little tango with the power cable and drag it across the yard, you can get the GreenWorks 21212 4Amp 13-Inch Corded String Trimmer for less money than a bag of peanuts.

Ok, it may cost a little bit more, but it is not that much more expensive, and it is a very powerful, high-performance machine. Moreover, GreenWorks is a company carving out a name for itself as being very reliable so we are quite proud to include them in our top 3 choices.

4. Black & Decker GH900 14-Inch String Trimmer and Edger

BLACK+DECKER String Trimmer, 6.5-Amp, 14-Inch...

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The simple fact of the matter is that Black & Decker are currently the best and biggest names in the weed eater market, so we have had no choice but to choose our top 3 best options from their lineup. When it comes to weed eaters battery power is the best because it allows you the range and mobility to really go over your garden with ease.

However, if you have a small garden, then there is really no point in spending so much money on a cordless system when a corded one will be just as good. In fact the Black & Decker GH900 14-Inch String Trimmer and Edger is an even better option in terms of power and weight.

It has a 14-inch string, 2 inches bigger than the other options we have already given you, and its 6.5 Amp motor is really a lot more powerful than anything you would use on battery power.

5. DeWalt DCST920P1 20V Lithium Ion XR Brushless String Trimmer

DEWALT 20V MAX* String Trimmer, Brushless, 5-Ah...

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Finally, we could not end our top 5 list without mentioning the top product from DeWalt, simply because, as a company, they stand for uncompromising quality at, usually reasonable prices.

The DeWalt DCST920P1 20V Lithium Ion XR Brushless String Trimmer is a bit more expensive than we would have liked it to be, but it does use a Lithium-Ion battery and a Brushless Motor, that basically improves the battery life to about 50% of what you would get from a competing product.

6. Remington RM2510 Rustler 25cc 2-Cycle 17-Inch 

Those of us who have already been through more than a decade of trimming our lawns may remember that the first weed eaters were actually gas-powered and that technology is still around. They are smellier and a lot noisier than electric weed eaters, but they do have several advantages.

For one, they do not have a battery that can run out, and their power does not depend on how much current you have left in the battery. In fact, there are those that say a gas powered weed eater is more powerful than any sort of electric one.

Our experience with the Remington RM2510 Rustler 25cc 2-Cycle 17-Inch Curved Shaft Gas Trimmer was that it is indeed more powerful than any other trimmer, which is what it is our first choice in the second part of our list, but we had to leave it here because, as we mentioned before, it is a lot noisier and smellier.

7. WeedEater 967184401 W25CFK Curved Shaft Gas Trimmer

Another excellent weed eater is the WeedEater 967184401 W25CFK Curved Shaft Gas Trimmer. It is somewhat less expensive than the Remington because it uses a 15-inch cutting width whereas the Remington had a massive 17 inch.

However, the one thing that really impressed us on the Remington was its quick-start feature that we simply did not see on the WeedEater. Still, if you are working on a tight budget and you want a gas-powered trimmer, then this too is a pretty good choice.

8. Toro 51480 Corded 14-Inch Electric Trimmer/Edger

Toro 51480 Corded 14-Inch Electric Trimmer/Edger

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By now we have given you our top choices for electric, corded and cordless trimmers and for gas-powered ones, but there are 3 more products that, although did not make it as part of our top choices, they do have something pretty special about them.

We decided to feature the Toro 51480 Corded 14-Inch Electric Trimmer/Edger here because both in terms of price and features it is a worthy competitor for the Black & Decker weed eater. We still believe that the Black & Decker is a better choice, but if you need a 14-inch trimmer and for some reason are not happy with B&D than the Toro is your best alternative.

9. Husqvarna 952711952 128CD Curved Shaft String Trimmer

Husqvarna 128CD 17' Cutting Path, Detachable Gas...

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When it comes to gas-powered weed eater we think that anything going over 100 dollars is a bit of an overkill, but we simply cannot say that about a Husqvarna product. The Husqvarna 952711952 128CD Curved Shaft String Trimmer can only be called a professional weed trimmer, whereas everything we have been looking at so far is more of a commercial choice.

They have several smart systems in place to help start the motor more easily, including an Air Purge system that removes air from the carburetor, a Smart Start system and an Auto Return Stop Switch that prepares the system for a new start the moment you stop the machine.

The bottom line is that the Husqvarna is definitely worth the money, but only to the right person who can actually take advantage of its many features and power upgrade.

10. WORX WG156 Li-Ion Cordless Grass Trimmer/Edger

WORX WG162 20V Power Share 12' Cordless String...

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Finally, we wanted to show you that there are other options on the market that will give you 2 20 volt batteries included with the weed eater. The WORX WG156 Li-Ion Cordless Grass Trimmer/Edger with 2 20-volt Batteries is precisely such a machine and we were amazed to see that it actually performs just as well as the Black & Decker.

Of course, it does not have the market track record that would guarantee it is a reliable machine over the course of several years, and that is the only reason why it is our final choice in our search for the best weed eater.

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