Top 10 Best Ukuleles for Beginners of 2020

If you have ever been in The Islands or if you are just in love with the Hawaiian dream, you will have a special place in your heart for the ukulele. The good news in that is that learning to play the ukulele is very easy and if you have some experience in playing the guitar, then you will find the ukulele a refreshing change.

Best Ukuleles for Beginners of 2020

But even if you have never touched a musical instrument, you will find that it is very easy to play almost any tune on the ukulele.

Of course, there are a few things that you need to look out for if you decide to buy your own ukulele, and these top 10 best ukuleles for beginners list should help you decide on the most important features and learn to balance them with the price of a ukulele.

1. Diamond Head DU-150 Ukulele


Diamond Head DU-150 Soprano Ukulele - Mahogany...

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The Diamond Head DU-150 is a very affordable ukulele that you might consider buying even if you are not sure if you are really going to get any lessons. That is because at just under 40 dollars you can afford to just buy it, learn the one song on it, and then keep it as a memory’s sake of the good times you spent in Hawaii.

The manufacturer was able to ask such a low price because it is built from maple and then stained to look like mahogany. Still, the sound is very crisp and beautiful and the look is that of a classical, slightly dated ukulele, just like the originals you can see the natives of Hawaii play.

2. Kala KA-15S Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

Kala KA-15S Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

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If the Diamond Head is a great ukulele to buy as a whim, the Kala KA-15S is the real deal that you should buy only if you really plan on using it. It is a beautiful ukulele made of mahogany with a rosewood fingerboard and bridge for extra strength.

The Kala is a ukulele that really deserves to be played every day. It has a beautiful mat finish that will, in time, begin showing clear signs of being used, and that will make the ukulele even more valuable. It is also worth noting the fact that the Kala KA-15S comes strung with premium Aquila Nylgut strings.

3. Lanikai LU-21 Soprano Ukulele

Lanikai Ukulele (MAS)

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The Lanikai LU-21 is an equally beautiful ukulele, that you might be forgiven for mistaking for a Kala KA15S, since it is made of nato wood and uses rosewood for the fretboard.

The Nato wood is also known as Eastern mahogany and it has relatively the same qualities of real mahogany. In fact, the Amazon rating of 4.3 stars perfectly reflects how closely it can match the sound and look of the Kala KA-15S that received a 4.5 stars rating.

The Lanikai also comes with an instruction booklet that will teach you not only how to take care of your new ukulele, but it will also guide you in your first steps to learn playing it.

4. Mahalo U-30BK Painted Economy Soprano Ukulele

Hamano U-30BK Colorful Soprano Ukulele - Black

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The Mahalo U30BK is our answer to those who are looking for a ukulele that looks that little bit different from the stock. You can choose from a wide range of colors but the one we would go for is the black one that we have featured here. It also comes with its own color-matched bag so you can take good care of that nice glossy finish.

The ukulele itself is made from maple wood with a note fretboard.  It also comes with a bone saddle. The bone is a relatively new fabric developed by Graphtech and it does a better job than the regular plastic saddles that most affordable ukuleles use.

5. Oscar Schmidt OU2 Concert Ukulele Bundle

Oscar Schmidt OU2 Mahogany Concert Ukulele Bundle...

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The Oscar Schmidt company has been producing handcrafted ukuleles for decades now and they have steadily built a reputation for exquisite quality. Their latest OU2 concert ukuleles are made almost entirely from mahogany with only the bridge made from rosewood.

That translates into a very beautiful ukulele that creates that perfectly traditional Islands sound. It is good enough to be used as a concert piece and, although slightly more expensive than the other ukuleles in this list of the best ukuleles for beginners, at just under 80 dollars it won’t break the bank either.

It is also well worth noting that it has a 4.6 star rating on Amazon and comes with its own bag, tuner, and a polish cloth.

6. Makala MK-S Soprano Ukulele

Makala Soprano Mahogany Ukulele by Kala (MK-S)

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The Makala MK-S made it in our top of the best ukuleles for beginners simply because it has one of the most imaginative combination of woods used in the manufacture.

Its body is made of agathis wood and so is the top so they have a nice, strong resonance and the neck is made of mahogany so it looks every bit as high end as any ukulele on the market. Furthermore, the fingerboard and bridge are made from rosewood so they have extra strength and durability.

The point is that, when working with wood, the more essences you bring into your craft, the more interesting the end result will be and the Makala MK-S certainly comes with its own personality and flavor.

7. Mahalo U-30LB Painted Economy Soprano Ukulele

Hamano U-30LB Colorful Soprano Ukulele - Light...

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If your purpose in buying a ukulele is to capture the magic of The Islands, and you only plan to play for your own enjoyment and, perhaps the torture of your family and friends, the Mahalo U-30LB is the perfect choice for you.

It is made of maple wood so you will not end up paying a lot but you will never get concert level sounds out of it either. It is painted blue and it is just the perfect toy to have around just for pure enjoyment of the memories it evokes.

8. Luna Mahogany Series Tattoo Soprano Pineapple Ukulele

Luna Tattoo Mahogany Soprano Pineapple Ukulele...

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The Luna Tattoo ukulele only has a 4.4 star rating on Amazon but it is mostly because people are not used to see a pineapple shaped ukulele.

Still, this is the traditional shape of a ukulele and it comes with traditional Hawaiian body ornamentation. Its craftsmanship is one of the best we have seen and you can feel that in the way it holds its tune wherever and whenever you play it.

9. Kala KA-MK-S Makala Soprano Ukulele Bundle

Kala MK-S Makala Soprano Ukulele Bundle with Gig...

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We have already looked at a Kala ukulele at the beginning of the list but not it’s the time to consider their top design the Makala. It almost 20 dollars more expensive but you get a gig bag, a tuner, and a polishing cloth with it.

Furthermore, they have used high-quality agathis wood in the body of the ukulele, mahogany in its neck and rosewood in the fingerboard and bridge so, again you have that beautiful blend of wood essences for a truly complex sound.

10. Luna Mahogany Series Honu Soprano Ukulele

Luna Honu Tribal Turtle Soprano Ukulele Pack

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Although we love the Luna Tattoo ukulele, the fact remains that most people still want to use the same instrument as the one they saw on their visit to Hawaii.

So for that reason, we decided to include the Luna Honu ukulele as one of the best ukuleles for beginners simply because it has the same benefits as the Tattoo but a more recognizable shape. It too has a Hawaiian tattoo, this time of a turtle that symbolizes longevity and endurance.