Top 10 Best Steering Wheel Covers of 2020

Very often drivers get steering wheel covers without looking into the options available and either select the cheapest one they can buy or just purchase the first one they see.

Of course, this is by no means the best or smartest approach since your steering wheel is actually something you usually hold on to every single day and in many cases for extended periods of time.

Top 10 Best Steering Wheel Covers of 2020

A simple thing like your steering wheel cover can actually ruin a long drive or a commute and can really impede an otherwise pleasant driving experience. If the material is not right, your hands might start getting sweaty and your grip might be bad which can not only be extremely uncomfortable and unpleasant but can actually be a serious safety hazard.

That’s why we’ve selected ten really great steering wheel covers that all look and feel great while being safe and best of all, none of them are expensive. So instead of taking a risk with a product, you know nothing about, select something that you know you will like.

1. Steering Wheel Cover by Everything Automobiles

Everything Automobiles Black Steering Wheel Cover...

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This universal Steering Wheel Cover by Everything Automobiles is great value for money and will be the right purchase for a lot of the people looking for such a product. First of all it fits all standard steering wheel sizes from 14.5 inches to 15.5 inches.

The best aspect of this cover is the soft padding that is extremely comfortable to hold. The material is pleasant and provides nice ventilation for your skin. The fact that most of what you are going to be touching is padded fabric means that your steering wheel will not feel cold in the winter, but your hands will not start overheating and sweating in summer.

On top of this, it comes with an unassuming black design that would look nice on the steering wheel of any car without being intrusive or a controversial eyesore. In the end, most drivers are looking for a steering wheel cover that will just do the job wheel without being too much of a visible accessory.

As far as the function provided by this product from Everything Automobiles goes, this steering wheel cover offers a few additional advantages. First of all, it protects your car’s original steering wheel and it’s rubber inner lining makes sure that you will remain in control at all times since it’s virtually impossible to make it slip.

Pair that with the comfortable gripping surface on the outside, and you get the perfect driving experience. It’s also important to note that many covers that have a rubber or plastic components tend to have an unpleasant chemical smell for the first week or so, but this steering wheel cover is odorless from the get-go.

And of course, quite importantly – it’s quite affordable so very good value for the money.

2. SEG Direct Black and Gray Microfiber

SEG Direct Black and Gray Microfiber Auto Car...

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If you are looking for a steering wheel cover but you don’t want it to be made of fabric, this stylish cover from SEG Direct might be a great choice for you. It’s made of smooth and durable microfiber leather that feels great on the driver’s hands and allows the skin to breathe which is rare with eco-friendly leather of that sort.

Generally speaking, the quality of the materials used in this steering wheel cover is great and the craftsmanship looks very nice. This product is sold as marketed as healthy and eco-friendly and it looks sturdy and durable and offers both wear and heat resistance.

The inner lining of the cover is skidproof and so is the outside which makes for a pleasant and more importantly safe driving experience. Many buyers are especially fond of the two-color stitched-together design aesthetic of this piece and besides the standard gray and black color scheme that would look nice in most cars, there are a few other color options available.

There are the more vibrant red and black, blue, and black and clear white and black options, while the design is also available in all black, all tan, and all gray. Even the single color versions look clean but not simplistic because of the multi-panel design and the stitching that is both functional and decorative.

In the end, this is a great choice that offers a clean but beautiful design paired with functionality and quality at an affordable price.

3. Gomass Automotive Emboss Top Leather

Car Steering Wheel Cover, Anti-Slip, Safety, Soft,...

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If you are looking for a PU leather steering wheel cover that still looks and feels quite premium, this offering from Gomass Automotive might be a very good option.

This design is unique and very attractive and offers two types of embossed PU leather that are put together in a way that is both functional and pleasant to look at. It’s important to point out the material is smooth and pleasant to the touch and the driving experience with this cover on has an exquisite luxury feel despite the fact that this cover is still quite affordable.

The design comes in a few color variations with the all-black version with a red accent looking particularly stylish. Additionally, there is a similar black version with a blue accent and two additional versions where the inner embossed PU leather panel comes in dark brown or light brown.

This steering wheel cover provides a stylish décor for both new cars where the driver would like to preserve and protect the original steering wheel, or older vehicles where the original piece of gear has been worn-down and requires a facelift.

To make this offering that fits medium-sized wheels ranging from 14.5 to 15 inches even more appealing, Gomass Automotive usually pair their covers with a free US flag air freshener to add a touch of patriotism to your car’s interior or an extremely practical USB charger so check out what’s available at your time of purchase.

To top it all off, the manufacturer also offers Lifetime Warranty for their products which is an indisputable testament to this steering wheel cover’s durability and reliability.

4. GripDrive Pro Synthetic Leather

Motor Trend GripDrive Faux Black Leather Steering...

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If your car comes with a smaller steering wheel and you are looking for a steering wheel cover with a bit of relief for added comfort, this stylish product from GripDrive Pro might be exactly what you need.

This steering wheel cover was designed to fit smaller steering wheels with diameters in the 13.5 to 14.5 inches range and it offers really great value for money with its low price and great quality. The material used is high-quality synthetic leather that actually feels quite nice in your hands while driving.

It will provide a pleasant coolness in warmer weather, but will not feel cold when your hands are freezing. The materials used are odorless and while the driver’s side of the product is non-stick, the inner side is non-slip which guarantees a safe journey and outstanding control while driving.

The leather is soft and the relief on the sides of the design ensures both a secure grip and a sleek sporty yet classy look.

The synthetic leather panels used are all black but this product can be purchased with decorative stitching in multiple colors which proves a subtle accent that makes it look just right in any car. The colors available for the stitching are red, blue, beige, and grey while an all-black option with black stitching is also available for the cleanest monochromatic look possible.

In the end, if you are looking for an affordable cover for a small steering wheel that doesn’t compromise with quality, feel and look, this product from GripDrive Pro is just for you.

5. Moyishi Top Leather

Moyishi Top Leather Steering Wheel Cover Universal...

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Moyishi offer an extremely wide selection of PVC leather steering wheel covers with a wide variety of designs and colors with some finishes even including wood patterns.

All of the steering wheel covers offered by Moyishi fit medium-sized wheels with diameters from 14.5 inches to 15.25 inches. All of the designs look very sleek, modern, and classy and the wide selection means that every driver should be able to find something attractive that is going to fit their car and their own interior taste.

All the color combinations are numerous ranging from all-black designs to color combinations with red, orange, gray and white, and a number of design utilizing wood patterns alongside the leather. All of those look quite unique while not compromising driving comfort and grip in any way and if your car’s interior has any wooded details, those covers will be an excellent option to tie your interior all together.

For all it’s worth, Moyishi makes excellent car covers (you can see more alternatives at as well, if you want to keep the same accessory line.

It’s important to note that all options tested were pleasant to the touch and will not allow your hands to overheat or to get too cold while driving which is a very important factor to consider while selecting a steering wheel cover.

If you are looking for a special design that would look sleek and exquisite without breaking the bank, make sure to head on to Moyishi’s listing to look at all the models available, but not before you look at all the other options listed in this top ten guide.

6. Dee-Type Leather

Dee-Type Leather Steering Wheel Cover Universal 15...

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While the previous entry on our list was notable for the wide variety of designs available, this offering form Dee-Type comes with just a single design that has been refined to perfection. This leather steering wheel cover really looks fantastic and offers a truly outstanding driving experience.

It comes in four color variations with black and red, black and white, and black and brown offering a more lively sporting looks and the black-only version looking cleaner and quite sleek.

The materials used are quite pleasant and provide a superb grip while driving. The relief in the upper part of both sides provides additional comfort and control and is especially pleasant on longer drives.

It’s very important to note that this product isn’t designed to fit a wide variety of steering wheels and it has been made for steering wheels that are only 15 inches in diameter. This is a very popular size so many drivers will be happy to find out that this great cover would actually fit their car.

The fact that this piece has not been designed to fit multiple sizes, means that it’s an absolutely perfect fit for steering wheels of the right size which means perfect control and absolute safety. Making this cover skid is pretty much impossible and driving with it on is an utter pleasure.

On top of this all, this Dee-Type cover is heat, cold, and wear-resistant and offers excellent durability and reliability while looking really great.

7. Vitodeco Odorless Luxury Genuine Leather

Vitodeco Odorless Luxury Genuine Leather Steering...

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While most entries on our list employ high-quality synthetic materials, there would be drivers out there who are going to be looking for an affordable option from made from genuine leather. While real leather is hard to come by at lower price points, it seems the Vitodeco has done the impossible.

What they are offering is high-quality steering wheel covers all made from a single piece of genuine leather at a price that is practically a steal for what this product actually is.

Most drivers will be very happy to find out that this item is available in 3 different sizes and 4 different colors. No matter if your steering wheel is small or large, you will be happy to find a suitable version of this product for your car.

The four colors available are black, gray, beige, and brown all of which sport the very nice-looking dragon scales finish that enhances both the look and the grip of this cover.

Needless to say, genuine leather feels really great and offers a luxury driving experience while still protecting both your steering wheel and your hands in extreme temperatures.

If you do not have a lot of money to spend on a steering wheel cover, but you really want the high-quality of real leather, these Vitodeco steering wheel covers are simply a no-brainer and a truly amazing value for money.

8. Rueesh Genuine Leather

Rueesh Leather Car Steering Wheel Cover - Heavy...

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Another truly outstanding genuine leather steering wheel cover you can buy is this truly amazing product from Rueesh. It is a tiny bit more expensive than the previous entry from Vitodeco but it is still quite affordable and still an absolute bargain.

The material used is not simply genuine leather, but top quality heavy duty leather that is guaranteed to last long. It feels outstanding while driving and makes sure that your skin is well ventilated.

Additionally, the material is heat, cold and wear-resistant. Rueesh are so confident in the ruggedness and durability of their product that they are offering an amazing two-year hassle-free return, exchange or refund warranty for any customer that is not satisfied or finds a defect in their item.

On top of this, the design is top-notch with two pieces of high-quality real leather with different finishes stitched together for a really sleek luxury look that will complement the interior of any car – used or new.

This great cover comes in three sizes to snugly fit all types of steering wheels out there. While the main leather pieces are always black, there are accents that can be in three different colors as well – red, blue and black.

On the whole, if you are on the market for a genuine leather steering wheel cover made from high quality materials that looks and feels premium, you really don’t have to spring for something more expensive than this affordably priced yet still high-quality product from Rueesh.

9. Mayco Bell

Mayco Bell Car Steering Wheel Cover 15 inch...

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As we are almost at the end of this guide, let’s look at another cheap microfiber leather car steering wheel cover that doesn’t skimp on the quality despite its low price. This product from Mayco Bell fits a medium-sized steering wheel with a diameter in the short-range between 14.8 and 15 inches.

The material used is high-quality synthetic leather that still allows your hands to breathe and makes sure you have enough grip. With the size of this item not being universal, it fits the steering wheels it has been designed for very well and is by no means prone to slipping.

This ensures safety and control while driving and using it is a real pleasure and despite its low price, this product doesn’t feel like a compromise by any means.

This steering wheel covers is made from multiple microfiber PU leather panels that are stitched together and come in all-black or in different color combinations with the base color always being black. Mayco Bell’s product like offers covers in black combined with red, beige, blue, gray, and white, and all of them look great with the stitching matching the second color.

In the end, this is a really nice cover that offers great value for money.

10. Bell Automotive Universal Baja Blanket

Bell Automotive 22-1-53212-1 Universal Baja...

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Our list so far has featured a wide variety of styles and designs, but if you are looking for something truly outlandish, we still got you covered. Let us cap off our guide with a fun yet extremely comfortable fabric steering wheel cover from Bell Automotive that offers the patterns and colors of a typical Baja blanket.

Despite the absolutely unique Southwest-inspired look that this cover offers, it’s by no means just a novelty product. The outer fabric is actually really pleasant to hold while driving and offers a top-notch grip.

It provides equal amounts of ventilation in the summer and warmth in the winter to be comfortable all year long and in any climate and the driving experience with this Bell Automotive steering wheel cover is absolutely superb.

To makes things even safer, the inner side of the product is rubberized to ensure that there are absolutely no slips while driving.

This item comes in one universal size and everybody that is looking for more of an unconventional design should consider this option. It can add a brand new vibe to any car and looks surprisingly well on both older and more modern vehicles.

On top of offering something different, this cover is actually the cheapest option on our list at the time of writing, so any driver with an old car that wants to spend the absolute minimum for something that will breathe in a bit of a new life into their car’s interior should consider getting this Bell Automotive steering wheel cover.


In the end, there are three important factors when selecting a steering wheel cover – performance, price and aesthetics. With this guide, we’ve made sure that you have a good number of options that all tick the right boxes in the performance and price departments, so you can safely select something you really like based on your own personal taste.

After you’ve seen what’s on offer, you should decide if you want a cover that has been made from fabric, from PU leather or from genuine leather and then you should select a particular product that offers a look you like that is going to fit your car’s interior. Additionally, before you order anything, make sure that the item you’ve selected would actually fit your steering wheel’s size.

So you are all set and are ready to purchase a steering wheel cover that you are going to enjoy holding while driving for years to come.