Top 10 Best Postal Scales of 2020

Postal scales are devices that allow you to weigh mail before sending it to the post office. This allows, among other things, to know how much the shipment will cost you. There is a whole host of them on the market. To choose one, it is necessary to take into account a certain number of criteria.

Among these criteria, we can cite the capacity of the postal scale, its precision, its feeding mode, and its functionalities. There are also the units of weight measurement available on the scale, which must be taken into account.

Best Postal Scales of 2020

The capacity of the scale refers to the maximum load that the scale can withstand. It goes hand in hand with the precision of the scale. You should know that the more the capacity of the scale increases, the less precise it is. The capacity varies from 1 to 250 kg for an accuracy ranging from 0.1 to 50 g. In case you want to buy a small scale to weigh your letters, prefer those of at least 500g with the smallest precision.

In addition, basic scales generally offer 4 units of measurement. These are often “g”, “lb”, “oz” and “dwt”. However, some scales offer up to 6 units of measure, sometimes including “kg”. They also have several functions including “tare”, freezing of the screen once weighing has been carried out and automatic shutdown of the scale after a period of inactivity. In addition, they can sometimes count the number of pieces installed on the board.

As for the feeding mode, it varies depending on the scale. Some models work with batteries, others with rechargeable batteries. Battery-powered scales are handy if you don’t want to be caught off guard by a breakdown. They often use AAA batteries.

However, if you have the option of recharging batteries, then you can choose a battery model. However, prefer battery scales with a USB port so that you can continue to use them even if the battery fails.

What follows is a table with all the most important details to help you decide which postal scale you should get, and right after that, you can find a detailed review for each one. Many thanks to our friends at Tools Freak for consulting with us on this top.

1. AMIR Brifit Digital Scale, 500g

AMIR Brifit Upgraded Digital Kitchen Scale, 500g...

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The AMIR brand has done a great job with this precision scale! Indeed, not only is it really precise but in addition, it is compact and it can be used for many purposes. Those who opt for this scale will be able to choose from 6 units of measurements and it is also possible to switch from one unit of measurement to another with a single button.

Not only can this scale accurately weigh your letters and various parcels, but it can also be used in the kitchen or to weigh jewelry. It comes with two trays to be even more practical and to always stay in good condition, even if you use it to weigh something messy. Its compact size will allow you to easily store it in a dedicated place.

Finally, note that this postal scale has a capacity of 500g with an error range of only +/- 0.3g.

2. Accuteck A-ST85LB Heavy Duty Postal Shipping Scale

Accuteck A-ST85LB Heavy Duty Postal Shipping Scale...

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If you are looking for a simple to use, yet versatile postal scale, there is no better option than the Accuteck A-ST85LB. It is extremely affordable, and it has a memory function that allows you to get it to keep displaying the weight even after you have lifted that package.

That basically means that the shape of the package no longer matters and, even if it covers the display completely, you can still find out exactly how much it weighs.

And, considering just how inexpensive the Accuteck A-ST85LB is, it is quite impressive that it managed to drum up a 4.6 star rating on Amazon from more than 120 customers.


3. Smart Weigh Digital Heavy Duty Shipping and Postal Scale

Smart Weigh 440lbs x 6 oz. Digital Heavy Duty...

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With this smart digital postal scale, the Smart Weigh brand will delight those looking for a very practical scale. This model has a capacity of 200 kg and this is possible thanks to the fact that it is composed of two units: the weighing pan and the control box.

With this modern, exceptionally accurate scale, you can choose from 4 units of measure: kg, g, lb and lb: oz. You will also be happy to know that you will have the “tare” option as well. As far as accuracy goes, it’s roughly 50g and that’s a great thing for large packages.

The brand even thought of providing this scale with a USB port so that the scale continues to operate well even if you’re low on battery!

4. Brifit Digital Milligram Scale, 50g Portable Mini Scale

AMIR Digital Milligram Scale, 50g Portable Mini...

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Those looking for a pocket postal scale will be delighted by what this model offered by the AMIR brand has to offer. The first thing that catches the eye is its compactness and ultramodern design. Imagine that it is held in one hand and despite this, it has a blue backlit LCD screen and it even has the tare option, which will save you from doing calculations and saving time.

This small pocket postal scale has a maximum capacity of 50g and weighs items to the nearest 0.1g. Given its compact nature and configuration, this balance can also weigh precious stones, jewelry, small laboratory items that must be measured to the nearest gram. With this postal scale, you can choose from 6 units of measurement.

Despite its small size, this postal scale is equipped with a small tray and it can be secured with an ABS cover.

5. Accuteck ShipPro 110lbs x 0.1 oz. Digital Shipping Postal Scale

ACCUTECK ShipPro 110lbs x 0.1 oz. Digital Shipping...

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Affordable, precise, and stylish, this Accuteck ShipPro digital postal scale just had to be in the top 5 best postal scales at least.

Get your money’s worth with this functional scale, packed with many features that make it one of the best on the market today. With a USB cable, extension cord, and multiple weighing modes, this scale combines the latest technology to create an easy-to-use scale that is sure to make your life easier. In addition, it can be powered by batteries. So, at just 10 x 8 x 3 inches, it’s perfect for transferring from office to office if needed.

6. Weighmax 2822-35 lbs capacity postal shipping scale

Weighmax Shipping Postal Scale, Blue...

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Another extremely cheap and yet very accurate postal scale is the Weighmax 2822. This one has a maximum weight capacity of 35 pounds, but it is very close in price to the W-2812 we have talked about before.

It is the type of scale you would buy if you only send a few packages each month because it is very light and relatively small and you can easily store it out of the way. It too was able to get a more than impressive 4.4 Amazon star rating from over 160 customers.

7. Smart Weigh Professional Digital Kitchen and Postal Scale

Smart Weigh Professional USPS Postal Scale with...

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There are two very important reasons why we decided to introduce to you the Smart Weight postal scale.

For one, it is one of the very few scales that were actually designed to be used both as a kitchen and a postal scale. The second reason why we had to feature it on our top 10 best postal scales, is that it has earned a 4.8 star rating on Amazon, higher than any other reasonably priced postal scale on the market.

It earned that rating because it not only does everything you would hope a postal or kitchen scale would do, but it also looks very slick and modern and you can have it on your countertop on a continuous basis.

8. 50 Pound Capacity Weighmax 2822-50 Postal Shipping Scale

Weighmax 2822-50 lbs capacity, Postal Shipping...

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The Weighmax 2822-50 has a 50-pound capacity and it only costs a couple of bucks more than the Weighmax 2822. So it really becomes a question of what is the heaviest product you may ever want to ship.

The extra bucks are really not that significant so you should really plan for the future when choosing your postal scale.

9. WeighMax Xtro 330 Industrial Postal Scale

330 Lb Digital Shipping Scale WeighMax

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We are going to finish our list of the best postal scales with 2 of the most expensive postal scales on the market today. The Weighmax 330 Lb Digital is just that, a postal scale that can weigh up to 330 pounds. It does cost double of what the other Weightmax products do, but even at that price point, it is not so expensive that you will not make your money back in half a year.

However, the most impressive part about it is not the price tag or the extremely high weight load, but the fact that it uses a mobile display connected to the scale by wires. That means you can see in real-time how much your package weighs and you can add more or take off some of the items in the package to get to your desired weight, without having to take the package off the scale.

10. DYMO Pelouze M25 Digital USB Postal Scale

DYMO Digital Postal Scale/Shipping Scale, 25-Pound...

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We are going to close with the postal scale that was designed for the modern online marketer, the DYMO Pelouze M25. It connects with your computer via a USB cable and it is pre-programmed to interact with online shipping software systems like Endicia InstaRate.

That saves you not only the trouble of having to write the weight yourself, but it also allows you to be sure that the exact weight is recorded from the scale directly to the shipping software.


How To Choose The Best Postal Scale – Buying Guide

Nowadays, every business can afford to own a postal scale given the vast choice available on the market. However, making the right choice is complicated, precisely because of the abundance of choices. Here is the list of criteria to pay attention to when you want to acquire a postal scale.

Capacity and precision

While the capacity of the scale is the maximum weight the device can support, accuracy is its margin of error. For a postal scale, the capacity is between 1 and 250 kg and the precision is between 0.1 and 50 g. In case you have great needs, rely on a scale that has a large capacity with the smallest possible accuracy. If you want to have a small scale that you will use to weigh your letters and also in the kitchen, choose a model with a capacity of at least 500 g with the lowest possible precision. Finally, note that pocket models have a very small capacity and the same is true for accuracy.

Available weight units of measure and various functions

The most interesting postal scales can offer you up to 6 units of measure: g, oz, lb, lb: oz, ct and dwt. Some postal scales can even measure in kg. The most basic models offer at least 4 units of weight measurement. Regarding the functionalities, this is essentially the “tare” function, counting the number of pieces installed on the weighing pan, freezing of the screen after weighing and automatic shutdown of the scale. after inactivity. Even the most compact models can have a lot of features.

Power mode

Typically, postal scales are battery-operated, but some models have a rechargeable battery. Go for a battery-operated postal scale if you don’t want to be caught off guard one day, then you can replace the batteries to get the scale working again. Choose a battery-powered model if you have the means and the time to recharge the battery as often as needed.

Finally, note that it is better to opt for a model with a USB port to be able to continue weighing even in the event of battery failure. Keep in mind that in general, it is the AAA batteries that make this type of scale work.

If you need a large capacity post scale, note that these are usually the two-module models. Remember to pay attention to the quality of the finish especially if you want to buy a scale for the long term. Take care to check the criteria recently stated and you will not make a bad choice!