Top 10 best infuser water bottles of 2019

Infuser Water Bottles are an awesome solution for any health enthusiast, gym rat, and just about anyone else looking to make a change not only in their regular water consumption, but also how they do it. This water bottle design offers a natural taste, fun experience, and a great way to learn about what fruits, vegetables, and other healthy herbs or spices you like, as well as how each benefit your body.

Using an Infuser Water Bottle is also an excellent, popular way to detox your body, improve your overall health, and improve your regular routine of consuming water, as opposed to other carbonated, or unhealthy drinks and beverages. Let’s check out some of the most popular, reputable Infuser Water Bottles below. Our lineup is based on how durable each bottle design is, ease of cleaning, spill-proof rating, clean construction, safety, size, and whether it’s ideal for taking with you on-the-go, and where.

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Savvy Infusion® Water Bottleexcellent$Click Here!
Infusion Pro Premiumexcellent$Click Here!
Infuser Water Bottle with Unique Full Length Infuserexcellent$Click Here!
Infuser Water Bottle Sport Flip-top excellent$Click Here!
Live Infinitely 32 oz. Infuser Water Bottles excellent$Click Here!
Fresh Fusions 32oz excellent$Click Here!
Danum Infuser Water Bottleexcellent$Click Here!
Basily Infuser Water Bottle excellent$Click Here!
Qasson Fruit Infuservery good$Click Here!
Acquablend Premiumvery good$Click Here!

1. Savvy Infusion® Water Bottle

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The Savvy Infusion Water Bottle is great for anyone that’s looking to modify their diet and add more (flavor infused) water to their regular schedule. Using natural fruits to flavor your water is a great way to add appeal, yet not unnecessary calories, unnatural, or otherwise processed and unhealthy sugars. This Infuser Water Bottle is BPA free, which means consumers take delight in not having to worry about any ‘chemical taste’, or weird bacteria, results, or sickness from using it right out of the box.

Customers report that it’s easy to add both fresh or frozen fruit, and that it’s also easy to clean and dishwasher safer which is nice. Many people are using this infuser water bottle to add 3 or more fruit slices, which means you can also combine various flavors, vegetables, and other spices to your water – or swap it as you go. It’s also received great feedback for not ever leaking, and the included handle is both convenient and practical for carrying it or easily accessing it from your bag or car. The Tritan plastic design is nice, and means a durable plastic material and infuser water bottle that will last for likely years to come. The Savvy Infusion Bottle is also easy, yet very secure to screw, unscrew, and drink from. As an added bonus, helpful and innovative fruit, vegetable, and spices recipes are included, which customers have reported to really enjoy.

Overall, this infuser water bottle is a nice choice, and not only easy but also fun to use, and encourages a healthier diet. The Savvy Infusion Water Bottle is a great gift, and is also popular among younger adults or even teens – which means it can also serve as an educational tool for teaching your kids or young adults how to better diet and consume water regularly.

2. Infusion Pro Premium

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The Infusion Pro Premium infuser water bottle is a very modern, sports-worthy, sweat-proof bottle that has been reported by customers to be a top pick for both reliability and versatility. Also, thanks to a modern design customers are very happy with it’s genuine, long-lasting flavor because the infuser device is at the bottom of the bottle. That means even when your bottle is half-empty or less, the flavor will still be the same quality as when you first mixed it and began drinking.

The Infusion Pro Premium water bottle is also a nice upgrade and addition to your daily routine if you’re looking to use a device that has a strainer to protect the sipping-piece from getting clogged. The Infusion Pro Premium can also be used as a regular water bottle which adds to appeal, and has received very positive feedback with little to no reports of it leaking in most instances. Just keep in mind, as with any water bottle and especially infuser water bottles, make sure you double-check and secure the lid, and any other moving parts before storing it or putting it down to avoid spills. The taste quality of the Infusion Pro Premium has been reported to be fantastic with this infuser water bottle, and the rubbery cushion and sleeve are a great addition to retaining a cold temperature for your fruit or vegetable-flavored water. At 24oz you should have more than enough fruit-flavored or other infused water before your next fill up, and this makes the perfect addition for your next outdoor (or indoor) adventure, no matter the occasion.

3. Infuser Water Bottle with Unique Full Length Infuser

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The Infuser Water Bottle with a Full-Length Infuser is unique because it has a much longer, or taller infuser than other competing infuser water bottles. This means not only will it deliver the same great fruit or vegetable tasting water through regular use, but also provide much more room to place your fruits, vegetables, and spices in.

Also, customers have been very pleased with the Infuser Infusion Water Bottle because it’s been personalized with silicone indentations which make the bottle easier to use, store, retrieve, and hold for use. This infuser water bottle has been built with a nice, extra metal-locking feature on the top, which means less to no unwanted spills or leaking. In fact, one customer even reported that they trust this product enough to store it in their laptop bag daily to and from work. To top off its appeal, the Infuser Water Bottle is also available in a variety of nice, bright, colors.

On a side note, few customers have reported that this plastic (not glass) bottle is not microwave friendly. Also, that it does not necessarily stand up well against drops. However, you should always read the instructions and warning labels first before using an infuser water bottle, and how it holds up against dents or drops, of course, will depend on the force of impact and how many times it happens. Customers report the Infuser product to have few moving pieces, making it easy to put together, use, take apart, and clean.

4. Infuser Water Bottle Sport Flip-top BPA-Free Tritan

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The Infuser Water Bottle Sport Flip-Top is an advanced designed infuser bottle that is built very durably, and sure to stand up against most friction, commuting, or other pressures and transporting without accidentally opening and spilling. It does include a flip-top spout design for ease of use, which customers are very fond of, and find it to be equally secure when it comes to access. Also, remaining competitive in design, the Infuser Water Bottle Spot Flip-Top has been designed ergonomically to add ice cubes to ‘chill’ your drink. This design also allows squeezing a substantial amount of fruits or other ingredients as needed – such as vegetables and spices.

Additionally, the Infuser Water Bottle Sport by Great Gear is built with two quality, durable, and effective filters which help adjust and maintain just the right combination of fruits, water, spices, and any ice or other ingredients you wish to include. This makes the infuser water bottle more competitive, and customers have found great satisfaction with it being one of the leading infuser bottle products available on the market. That is, as it not only keeps seeds out of your mouth and water but still equally encourages you to drink more, provides a fantastic and natural taste, and all the while will help you stay away from junk food by consuming more water. This infuser water bottle is also a very popular gift, and happy customers have come back for 5 or even 10 more bottles for both friends and family – as those around them often curious and jealous looking to get their hands on one of their own. Most importantly, this infuser water bottle does what it’s supposed to do, is reliable, and long-lasting.

5. Live Infinitely 32 oz. Infuser Water Bottles

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If you’re looking for a conveniently made, well-reputed infuser water bottle then the Live Infinitely 32oz Infuser is a very popular choice, and for good reason. Including a dual-grip body, it’s evident that the manufacturer took its time in producing a product that was not only durable and effective, but also practical for safety, and convenience. The build is quality, and with a BPA-free manufacturing technique, it’s a breeze to use this water infuser bottle for cold brewed coffee, or even iced tea and not have to worry about any chemical taste or after-taste thanks to it’s natural, eco-friendly build.

Many happy customers have also reported that the Live Infinitely Infuser Water Bottle has a very sleek, appealing design with different, fun colors. This, for many, making it even more desirable to consume water regularly – and perhaps more than you already do. Even those that are pregnant have found great use of this infuser water bottle for increasing water intake, as well as adding fruit flavoring and nutrients wherever possible. Also, the material used to make this infuser water bottle make is carbonated-water friendly, which is great, maximizing variety and flexibility. All in all, not only is this one of the best infuser water bottles for regular use, but, it’s also user-friendly and simple to clean. Customers have happily returned to the Live Infinitely infuser water bottle, and indicated that it will not leak or spill when tipped over during regular use or storage – which is a huge plus.

6. Fresh Fusions 32oz Fruit Infuser Water Bottle Combo Set

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The Fresh Fusions 32oz Water Bottle Combo Set is one of the most popular infusers water bottle products because it’s made with a unique design meant to minimize inconvenience, weight, and bulkiness – all while still maximizing flavor. With an added gasket design, as well as reinforced plastic this infuser water bottle has been reported by customers to stand up heavy and more consistently than most other competing brands.

Hailed by customers as a “great companion” for health enthusiasts and anyone looking to experience with infuser water bottles, the Fresh Fusions bottle is great because it provides multiple ways to safely consume your drink, and at the same time includes a built-in chamber which limits how much fruits or other ingredients you can add within reason – preventing overpowering or undesirable taste and sweetness to your infused water. To sweeten the deal, the Fresh Fusions infuser water bottle also includes a flexible, durable spring ball to not only shake up and mix your fruit slices or other ingredients like spices, but, also serve as a dual water bottle for also mixing and drinking your protein shake.

So, if you’re looking for the best infuser water bottle that’s going to fit nicely in your hand, stay cool during hot days thank to an added sleeve design, and be equally useful both in the gym or at the office, then we along with happy customers are confident that the Fresh Fusions is an excellent choice to go with. Friendly Tip: If you find it difficult to clean the inside of your infuser water bottle due to big hands, you can use dish detergent, warm water, and the included spring ball, seal it up, and shake it to get comparable (if not better) cleaning results!

7. Danum Infuser Water Bottle Sport Flip-Top

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If you’re looking for the best infuser water bottle that’s going to help you reach your daily water consumption goals, or are simply just looking to increase intake, then the 32oz Danum Infuser Water Bottle Sport is the perfect match for you. Thanks to its increased capacity to hold more fruit and water, customers are pleased to report having to worry less about refills, and more about doing their exercise activities or simply daily routine, drinking more – tasty – water than ever before with this infuser water bottle.

The Danum Infuser Water Bottle is great if you’re looking to replace other sugary drinks, or simply consume more water and flavor without the unwanted added calories – perfect for dieting or losing weight. Even better, a recipe e-book is included, which is helpful for mixing up fruits (a popular customer favorite is a cilantro, lemon, and cucumber combo) – just make sure you use fresh, ripe fruits and vegetables or herbs. The Danum Infuser is a top pick for one of the best infuser water bottles because it allows customers, both new and familiar with these water bottles to also use frozen fruits, which serve a convenient dual-role as ice cubes to keep your drink and experience ‘chilled’. With its solid build, you don’t ever have to worry about this infuser water bottle overflowing, providing poor suction, or leaking and spilling when on its side – the perfect, ideal, and most practical infuser water bottle solution!

8. Basily Infuser Water Bottle

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The Basily Infuser Water Bottle is an awesome choice with very positive feedback from most customers, especially those looking to quit soda or other addicting, sweetened caffeinated drinks like coffee and artificial juices. As reported by happy customers, unlike other clear acrylic bottles, the Basily Infuser Water Bottle is great because it doesn’t easily scuff of scratch, not only maintaining cosmetic appeal, but, also clarity so you can enjoy the sight and monitor your progress of what fruits and ingredients you have combined in your water bottle.

In some cases, customers have reported water or the juice getting stuck under the neck of the lid. However, a thorough cleaning should clear this right up – as well as avoiding awkward shaking or mixing angles and positioning. Few have complained of the grip not being sturdy enough, or the inner-tube being too sensitive or flimsy, but most customers were happy with how flexible it is. Also, for those both with and without infuser water bottle experience, it’s been discovered that with the Basily infuser water bottle just using crushed ice is a great solution to add and combine more ‘chill’, fruits, and ingredients to enjoy your next infuser water bottle mix! While the screw-lid may not be the fastest or most convenient to undo and change, it does remain one of the most secure, best infuser water bottles on the market and practical for both adults and children.

9. Qasson Fruit Infuser Water Bottle Sport

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If you’re in search of an aesthetically pleasing, effective, and enjoyable infuser water bottle then the Qasson Fruit Infuser Water Bottle Sport is a popular choice. However, it does not appear to have received the best ratings or feedback for genuine durability or longevity of use. But, on the same note it is made of Tritan plastic. Therefore, customers happily report no ‘funny’, unusual, or otherwise unpleasant tastes or aftertaste are experienced. Also, as a nice bonus, 3 stylish’ wristbands are also included which is fun for both adults and kids.

Some customers have stated that the bottles plastic clasp is stiff, which can go both ways as far as convenience versus security goes. And while some have reported leaks, we are uncertain as to whether this is more of a manufacturer defect, than it is of actual poor quality or build. Many have reported back that it has a beautiful design – like the Voss water bottles for those that know of it – but that the customer service is mediocre at best. So, should you decide to give this infuser water bottle a shot this is something also worth keeping in mind. As with any product or water bottle, while reusable, it’s important that you treat it with care and avoid throwing it around or dropping it frequently – to preserve its condition and functionality.

10. Acquablend Premium 24oz Twist Top Fruit Infuser

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The Acquablend Premium 24oz Twist Top infuser water bottle is a great choice for those looking for a mobile, fun, and easy to use product. Customers have expressed great satisfaction with the added lid that serves as a small cup with this infuser water bottle –  which is great for sharing with your children or loved ones.

For some, because the tube and spout are connected to one another, it is frustrating to have to remove the lid to ‘finish off’ any drinks you make. However, others have found this convenient, and most have not had an issue with it. Ultimately, this is a very attractive infuser water bottle and offers an authentic, natural flavored water with all the fruit or vegetable juices you could have ever wanted to experience. Few have expressed concerns about mold growing in or around the cup. However, this is possible for any water bottle or infuser water bottle if you do not regularly clean and rinse out your device to avoid dirt, bacteria, and mold build-up – warm water is recommended. Also, avoid storing your infuser water bottle in extreme heat or darkness when it is full of ingredients.

How to Pick the Best Infuser Water Bottle?

As you will find as outlined above, it is ideal, may it be your next or first infuser water bottle, to focus on one that is made of durable, natural, chemical-free plastic. Also, an infuser water bottle that will not leak, crack or spill easily – as that will ruin anyone’s day. There are plenty of top infuser water bottles, as illustrated, that are perfect for the gym, taking on the go, riding your bicycle, or even taking every day to the office and around your home. Some are designed to be more compatible, smaller, or flexible than others – so this too is an important variable and quality to look for.

Ultimately, seeking out the best infuser water bottle should involve choosing one that has a solid warranty and well-reputed customer service demonstrated by other user’s feedback. Many of these infuser water bottles are made overseas. Though, most have customer service in and are based in the U.S., and therefore abide by local U.S. laws and regulations for providing safe, clean, plastic materials – many which are recyclable and reusable. Most importantly, take your time with your selection, and go with an infuser water bottle that you believe will meet your expectations based on what it is you’re truly seeking for your next fruit, vegetable, and herb-charged workout, or morning drink. As noted these are great for increasing your overall, and daily water consumption. More than one of these top infuser water bottles also include free (electronic) recipe ideas and ingredients to help you get started, which is also a great place and product to go with if you’re a “newbie” – or it’s your first one.