Top 10 Best Grandfather Clocks of 2020

There is nothing like the sound of a grandfather clock to bring a sense of serenity to a living room or to bring a sense of sophistication to a reading room. You may even want to buy an authentic grandfather clock with hundreds of years of history but those go for thousands of dollars and are extremely rare.

Best Grandfather Clocks of 2020

However, there are a few manufacturers who specialize in building grandfather clocks that have a traditional look and feel, and that cost a fraction of the cost of an ancient grandfather clock.

We are going to take a look for you at the best grandfather clocks we could find right after the table below in which we wanted to give you a bird’s eye view of the existing offer on the market.


1. Beautiful Cherry Grandfather Clock Wood Curio Chime New


Sofian Cherry Curio Grandfather Clock

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There are two basic types of grandfather clocks: the ones that stand over 6 feet tall and the ones that measure anywhere between 2 and 4 feet and that you hang on the wall.

The grandfather clock from Coaster Home Furnishings is our favorite of all the ones that are over 6 feet tall because it manages to capture perfectly the feel and look of a really old clock.

The patina the manufacturer has managed to work in the cherry wood looks authentic and yet nothing about this clock says that it is trying to be more than it is: a very beautiful and yet functional replica.

2. Seiko Wall Pendulum Clock Dark Brown Solid Oak Case

SEIKO Stately Dark Brown Solid Oak Case Wall Clock...

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The Seiko wall pendulum is, in our opinion, the best grandfather clock you could hope to buy. It is the type of pendulum you would hang on the wall of a library but that you might have seen in the dining room of the Titanic.

The thing that most impresses us about this pendulum, though, is that it was created by Seiko, a prestigious company for watches and clocks. So this is not only a beautiful work of art made of solid oak with a brass pendulum and applied numbers but also an extremely precise time measuring machine.

The final thing to consider is that at just under 250 dollars it is not the cheapest grandfather clock, but it is fairly affordable.

3. Rich Brown Finish Grandfather Clock

Coaster Home Furnishings Grandfather Clock with...

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The reason why we decided to include the Coaster Furniture standing grandfather clock at number three on our list is that it is one of the best battery operated pendulums we have ever seen. The battery does bring this pendulum a little further from the age it is trying to represent, but, on the other hand, you do not have to worry about its accuracy and about setting it in motion.

We also like the Latin numerous on its dial and the clear sound of its chimes, just as we like the fact that it earned a 4 star rating on Amazon.

4. Howard Miller 660-286 Grandfather Floor clock

Howard Miller Jonathon Floor Clock 610-895 –...

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The Howard Miller 660 was considered for the best grandfather clock position but we decided that it was too expensive and almost 1500 dollars. It is definitely worth the money considering the workmanship apparent in it, but we believe that most of our readers will opt to go with a more affordable pendulum.

The things to consider when if the money does not put you off are the beauty of the beveled glass, the fact that upper panels can be removed, and also the fact that the chime as the option to be silenced. Still, this is a traditional grandfather clock in the sense that you will have to wind it once a week in order to get it to work.

5. Tatianna Wall Clock by Bulova

Bulova C3381 Tatianna Chiming Clock, Mahogany

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The first and most important thing to say about the Tatiana wall clock is that it received a 4.5 star rating on Amazon based on almost 20 reviews from people who, like us, bought and tried this wall clock.

It is reminiscent of the Victorian period, with its modern look and attention to each of the embellishing details. The entire front is protected by a hinged door that you can open to admire the detail and artwork of the clock.

6. Bulova C3542 Cranbrook Old World Clock

Bulova Clocks C3542 Cranbrook Wall Mount Analog...

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We really like the workmanship of the Bulova grandfather clocks so we decided to feature a second one, the Cranbrook. It is the perfect counterpart for the Tatiana.

It has a more ancient look and feels, and a simpler level of detail in the work but the craftsmanship is truly impressive. Also at just a little bit under 100 dollars, it is also less than half the price of the Tatiana. Still, it has earned a more than honorable 3.7 star rating on Amazon.

7. K’NEX Grandfather Clock

K'NEX Grandfather Clock

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The K’Nex is one of the most outrageous grandfather clocks we have ever seen but we just love how tacky it is. Most people may not enjoy this blending of modern materials with the ancient concept of the grandfather clock, but we really like what the team from K’Nex managed to realize.

It the proper setting this grandfather clock may be the perfect display piece. And, what’s even more important, everything works beautifully, from the mechanism of the clock to the sound of the chimes.

8. Edward Meyer Grandfather Clock with Beveled Glass

New Edward Meyer Grandfather Clock with Beveled...

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It was very difficult not to choose the Edward Mayer grandfather clock as our favorite but we finally decided not to because it is too new on the market.

We personally loved it but there were no other buyers who have reviewed. Also, at more than 300 dollars it is one of the more expensive grandfather clocks on our list. Still, we do think this will soon grow to be one of the best grandfather clocks on the market.

9. Edward Meyers Oak Grandfather clock

Edward Meyers Oak Grandfather clock with beveled...

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The second Edward Meyers grandfather clock we decided to feature on this list is made from oak and, therefore, is lighter in color, but it uses the same internal mechanism. It uses 3 weights that allow the clock to work for 31 days without the need to be wound up.

The clock chimes the hour and then once every half an hour.

10. American Furniture Classics The Gunfather Clock


American Furniture Classics 100 The Gunfather,...

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We do not really like the American Furniture Classics grandfather clock because the front is completely covered, but we have to admit that the complete wood soundbox does produce the most beautiful chimes we have heard so far.

For that reason, we decided to feature it on our top 10 best grandfather clocks list so that, if you do like its look or do not care about it, but want to be able to enjoy the best sounding chimes, then you will probably love it.