Top 10 Best Flameless Candles of 2018

Flameless candles are the perfect solution for homeowners, use in the office, and even outside or at catered events for those looking to avoid the inconvenience or dangers of a real open flame. So you see, flameless candles are not only more convenient, but also environmentally friendly, and ideal for those with sensitive noses, allergies, or even asthma.

Below we have broken down the Top 10 Best Flameless Candles based on the energy they use, how cozy they are, scented or non-scented features, and whether it includes a remote-control. As you’ll find, each of these were reviewed based on safety, style, and quality. Many of these flameless candles have a timer feature, come in different sizes, colors, weight, and even themes.

We’ve gone ahead and done the work to help you find the most comfortable, desired brightness, look, feel, and smell that is sure to please all of your senses – your loved ones, family, and even friend! Many of these are made with real wax, and of the same – if not better – quality of competing brands you’ll find in stores, including warranty, and more!

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Comenzar Batteryexcellent$$Click Here!
Flameless Candles LEDexcellent$$Click Here!
Luminaraexcellent$$Click Here!
Flameless Candles Redexcellent$$Click Here!
Ry-kingexcellent$$Click Here!
LED Lytes very good$$Click Here!
Pandaing very good$$Click Here!
Festival Delightsvery good$Click Here!
Gideonvery good$Click Here!
Novelty Placevery good$Click Here!

1. Comenzar Battery Powered Real Wax Pillar

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The Comenzar Flameless Candles are a great addition to any home and person looking to add ambiance, romance, or just a little bit of safe, wanted, and meaningful light. And, because these flameless candles have 24-hour cycle ‘turn on’ and different options for automatically coming on and off, are a favorite among customers.

As these flameless candles are made from real wax, they are both very appealing and popular, and are a great solution for people looking to get the same benefits of wax candles, but with substantially better lifespan, safety, and control. Customers really like the included remote, and reported that it’s easy to use to control ‘groupings’ of the candles from room to room – which means you won’t accidentally turn them all off at the same time. With 9 different candle sizes in one pack, this is a great set of flameless candles for your home to set the mood you like, and for relaxation. Unlike real candles, you can fall asleep and not have to worry about the dangers of an open flame.

These flameless wax candles have a very realistic orange-yellow color to them, and the “solid” to “flickering” light modes are a great addition to both condition and quality. Additionally, they require no actual wax consumption, or the safety risks associated with regular wax candles. So, if you are looking for flameless (wax) candles so you no longer have to worry about fire, burns, or unwanted spills and hot wax then the Comenzar Flameless Candles are definitely worth checking out. They look real and also work great with rechargeable batteries – easily lasting for months or more without needing a replacement. A must have, and comforting for those that experience colder weather or time in the darkness – and did we mention a great choice for use guiding lights in a ‘blackout’?

2. Flameless Candles LED

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If you’re looking for the best flameless candles, and have allergies or other problems with most scents, chemicals, or smoke then these Flameless Candles LED Candles are a great choice. They include an easy to use 10-key remote, which is both very responsive and practical – while many other competing products have remote functionality issues. Also, in comparison to competing brands the Flameless Candles LED allows total customization of each individual candle’s timer settings, and the added dim and brightness features just add to the overall appeal and quality of this product.

The flame sways and flickers like a real candle, and is not as “artificial” as a lot of competing flameless candle products. You can tell the manufacturer takes pride in its product, and actually used additional, specialized material and a reflector to add to its ‘realness’ effect. The ivory white and wax design look both very modern and stylish, and this is also great for those seeking a candle alternative because of kids in the home.

So, if you’re in the market for the best out-of-the-box, easy to use and beginner friendly flameless candles then chances are these are right up your alley. The Flameless Candles LED’s are also a favorite among customers because they provide a toxin-free solution to natural lighting – and are easy both on your eyes and senses.

3. Luminara Flameless Candle

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For those looking to get their hands on a flameless candle that will look, feel, and even smell (Vanilla) like a real candle, the Luminara Flameless Candle is an excellent, classy choice. Not only for personal use, but these Luminara’s are also great for catering events, and other uses outdoors – for both activities at home or on your next outdoor excursion.

Customers hail these Luminara’s as the most realistic flame, flameless candles available on the market, and noted that the included remote will work up to a floor away if pointed in the proper direction – which shows the quality of materials and transmitter used in this product. These flameless candles are made from paraffin, which is a material that feels nearly identical to real candles. These are a must-have for anyone that wants to have candles outside, not have to worry about the wind, and of course any fire hazard while they eat, spend time, and do other outdoor activities. In fact, one customer reported that if you blow onto these flameless candles that the sensor will make the flame inside lean away – which is a really nice feature.

The Luminara Flameless Candle is great anyone looking to setup lighting daily, on a timer, for up to 5 hours regularly – and not have to change the batteries for months at a time. These definitely make a great gift, and you don’t have to worry about causing anywhere near as much damage or problems if you were to accidentally drop one – as opposed to a real candle.

Overall, if you’re looking for high-quality and low maintenance flameless candles, such as for use in outdoor lanterns or your faux fireplace these are perfect.

4. Flameless Candles Red

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These Red Flameless Candles by Comenzar will provide you with a romantic glow, and are a must for nearly any decorating needs. For the best effect, use them in elevated points, such as shelves, windowsills or your stairway where they will otherwise be at a distance.

With 3 different sizes available, this is a top pick by customers and has a very “life-like” flame which is nice – and a wick that equally seems to have been designed with similar quality and care.

As these flameless candles are designed to stay on for 2, 4, or 8 hours they are both very convenient and easy to use. They are also one of the most romantic flameless candle choices, and because of their burgundy red are a top pick for valentines, July 4th, Christmas, and other Fall season holidays. So, if you’re looking for the best unscented and soot-free candle, then these flameless candles should be at the top of your list. The ability to control wick movement and glow is also a nice bonus, and with a non-moving frame option, you are put in total control of its illumination.

These flameless candles are also a popular choice for those looking to have extra walkway or safety lights around their home for if and when the power goes out, or if you’re just simply looking to save energy. Lastly, these are great for getting a nice, soothing sleep and will provide a soft creamy light that will not negatively affect sensitive eyes.

5. Ry-king Flameless Candles

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Ry-king Flameless Candles are a classy, premium candle solution for those looking to enjoy a variety of effects and a quality product that can be used for creative displays – both inside and outside of your home.

Customers have noted that while the Ry-king Flameless Candles might not make ideal emergency lights in the event of a blackout, they do serve well as ‘night lights’ for kids, and are great for seeing your way around your room, or adding romance to set the mood when the time is right.

With unique and realistic flickering effects, these flameless candles are both very exciting and fun to use. And, while some have reported that in rare cases your television remote might interfere with the candles, in general, they respond well and are otherwise left undistributed.

Also, they come with a practical, realistic ‘build’, as the LED’s are placed deep inside the candle for a more genuine effect and appearance. And, for those unsure of color or lighting preference, there is both a beautiful amber option and pale yellow option available. These flameless candles are also great for use in a cabin or outside – and are a favorite among families.

A lot of customers have also reported coming back for a second pair, that these flameless candles make great Christmas gifts, and are appropriate for nearly any occasion. So, if you’re seeking quality workmanship, durability, and long-lasting battery power then the Ry-king Flameless Candles are a perfect ‘match’ for you.

6. LED Lytes Flameless Candles

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LED Lytes Flameless Candles are great if you want to get a softer, more romantic light – or “no-flame” candle for any reason. And, to top it off, the LED Lytes company is said by customers to have one of the friendliest, fast, and most proactive customer service model around – which is a major plus. Even better, the co-founder of these flameless lights apparently has – and continues to – reach out directly to ensure that each customer is satisfied with their purchase.

With that being said, it is worth mentioning that while elegant, beautiful, and great for using in things like wall sconces, some customers have reported that these flameless candles batteries die faster than competing models. In particular, because leaving it switched in the “On” position, even if the timer shuts it off will still drain its battery.

So, while not the brightest flameless candles, the included remote is a nice feature. Customers have also reported that this is a great choice for seeing your way around the bathroom at night or helping your kids find the ‘potty’.

If that wasn’t enough, should you be looking for a dimmer look, and not want the risks of having wax and fire hazards, then the LED Lytes Flameless Candles are the next best choice. The LED Lytes are sure to leave you satisfied and relaxed the next time you take a bath or relaxing shower. Overall, these are some of the nicest, most competitive flameless candles that have the same quality and durability for a fraction of the price as opposed to most found in stores.

7. Pandaing 3.25″x6″ LED

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For the truest candle “glow”, look, and authentic candlelight shadow, the Pandaing 3.25″x6″ LED Flameless Candles are a very nice addition to any home. These flameless candles are especially popular with couples as gifts, and are perfect for weddings. They are also a top choice for use on your staircase, or other romantic, tucked-away places around your home.

In comparison to other flameless candles, these seem to have the nicest, most genuine soft white light ‘accent’ and are especially popular with the ladies. And, with longer, durable batteries people will easily think they are real, and even you yourself might mistake them for the real thing without a second glance. A perfect addition to any mantle or shelves, the timer and remote work perfectly with these flameless candles, and provide a beautiful, natural color. They are also a lot of fun to use, and with both a candle and light function, offer you the ability to change, and choose a more personalized experience and atmosphere.

For people that are tired of counting on regular candles to get the job done, the Pandaing’s Flameless Candles are a nice choice, as they are completely adjustable and guarantee to provide an equal light, or brightness and “burning” experience without the headache of a typical wax and flame candle.

8. Timer Flameless Candles

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Festival Delights is a relatively well-known, and trusted brand for flameless candles. They produce very shapely, small, and convenient flameless candles that are great for nearly any occasion or any indoor environment.

Those with photosensitivity would definitely benefit by purchasing these Timer Flameless Candles By Festival Delights, and customers report their flicker to be on the ‘gentler’ side, with an off white during the day and a warmer, yellow glow appearance at night. And, to add to appeal they have a very realistic flicker effect which gives the impression that the candles are being moved by the wind or a fan, which is a nice addition to their overall functionality.

Ultimately, if you’re looking to add to ambiance – rather than illumination – and want a fire-free solution to something like paper-lanterns, or adding personality to your home then these are definitely worth checking out.

Happy Customers describe the Festival Delight Flameless Candles as perfect for adding spunk and personality to curio cabinets, dinner tables, and more. Best of all, they include spare batteries and are reported to offer some of the best, most competitive quality customer care and direct manufacturer interaction on the market.

9. Gideon 5 Inch Flameless LED Candle

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Gideon has a reputation for producing timeless, quality, and very distinctive flameless candles. The Gideon 5 Inch Flameless LED Candle is one of several different size choice options and is an excellent, safer, and more affordable solution as opposed to real flame candles.

The Gideon Flameless Candle looks real, has a pleasant vanilla scent to it, and the 2-8 hours timer is both very responsive and effective. Ready out-of-the-box this is definitely a customer favorite, and many seem to express enjoying buying multiple Gideon flameless candles, as sort of a candle addiction or collection-like trend. They smell great, and although having many the smell might seem a little overwhelming, this appeared to be the only real “complaint” per say about the product.

So, if you’re looking for the ultimate solution for lighting your lantern, and are tired of powering ornaments and decorations like this with real, hot fire and dangerous, dripping wax, then the Gideon flameless candle is the way to go. The included remote is simple to understand, use, and consistent. Overall, the batteries last pretty long under regular use, and one customer even reported leaving them on overnight to find them still glowing the next morning.

10. Novelty Place [Longest Lasting]

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Last but not least, the Novelty Place Battery Operated Flameless LED Candles is a top pick for customers, as they have been trusted on more than one occasion in bulk ordering and for specialized, larger projects. For example, one customer purchased 192 of these flameless candles by Novelty Place and they worked flawlessly, without one defect, bad, or dead battery – which definitely says a lot about production quality and consistency. Needless to say, the customer had great success in proposing to his now wife using these flameless candles.

So, if you are shopping around for the best flameless candles to use with your centerpiece or shades, and plastic tall champagne glasses alike then make no mistake that the Novelty Place product is a great choice.

Customers really like the nice, soft orange to yellow glow, can use it to see, and don’t find it overbearing. It is described as being more ambient and refreshing, rather than a serious ‘glow’. One customer even reported using these flameless candles for their altar at home.

Lastly, if you have a faux fireplace this is a great way to add a heat-free and fire-free light. As a product that will last 4 days or more without the batteries failing, these Novelty Place Flameless Candles are true to its name and definitely worth purchasing.

How to Choose the Best Flameless Candle for You

As you’ll find from the list above, there are many different kinds, sizes, and qualities found in flameless candles currently available on the market. Keep in mind, battery-length, flicker light performance and functionality, as well as remote-control features and product consistency should all be major focuses when determining the best flameless candle for you and your home.

And, while the market might be saturated with a lot of flameless candles from places like China or Japan without much of a reputation or trust from the online community, major brands like Comenzar, Festival Delights, Ry-king, and Gideon have been trusted for years. These companies are not only trusted, but continue to maintain a solid reputation and repeat customers.

So, when selecting the best flameless candle for you, try to focus on ones that have a respectable warranty, customer service reputation, diverse product sizes, lighting features, functionality, and overall power or battery durability for long-term use.