Top 10 Best Electric Woks of 2020

Whether you are whipping up a stir-fry or steaming or smoking a delicious meal, the wok can be a chef’s best friend and the only way to cook some things. But how do you choose the best electric wok with the huge selection that is on the market today?

Top 10 Best Electric Woks of 2020

We have researched the electric wok marketplace, checking durability, size, price, and customer reviews along with many other factors to come up with ten of the best electric woks that you could buy. Take a look at these amazing feats of culinary manufacturing if you need an electric wok and wok on!

1. West Bend 79586 6-Quart Capacity Electric Wok

West Bend 79586 6-Quart Capacity Electric Wok...

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What is great about this wok is that it is designed to cook food properly. For example, woks walk a fine line between a flat bottom and the traditional wok design. You want to have some flat area at the bottom but you also want the sides to flare out or else it would defeat the purpose of buying a wok. Plus, it has a really stable base and easy to grip handles.

Check out the features of the West Bend electric wok:

  • 1500 watts
  • Ledge warmer to keep foods from getting cold
  • Easy-grip wood grain handles that are heat resistant
  • Stable, wide base that is also heat resistant
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Non-stick interior
  • Adjustable temperature control with large display
  • 1 Year warranty

What Customers Are Saying

This wok maintains a steady rating of 4.4 stars on Amazon so you can tell that customers love it. Some of the things that they have commented on include how well it cooks food properly and how easy it is to clean afterward. One customer bought her first West Bend wok 25 years ago and just replaced it! Other customers were pleased with the price and quality.

The only downside on this wok is that the temperature control is a little hard to get to but otherwise it is absolutely perfect.

2. Breville BEW600XL Hot Wok

Breville BEW600XL Hot Wok, Brushed Stainless Steel

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There is a lot to love about this Breville electric wok. Breville is a brand that you can depend upon to deliver quality home appliances and this wok is no exception.

This is a 1500 watt wok with a butterfly-shaped element that makes sure the entire wok gets heated and is made out of aluminum layers designed to be responsible to heat and keep moisture in. Plus, with 15 different temperature settings, you’ll

Similar to cooking on a gas stove, the unique 1500 Watt Butterfly Element of the Hot Wok distributes heat evenly up the walls of the wok, maximizing high-heat searing potential.

The heat-responsive aluminum layers maintain this high heat to sear food, sealing in moisture. 15 precision heat settings to 425 F emulate authentic Asian-style cooking.

Here are the features of the Breville wok:

  • Quantanium non-stick coating on the die-cast wok bowl
  • Stainless steel base
  • Will hold up to 6 quarts
  • Glass lid to easily see how your food is coming along
  • Bowl and lid can both be removed and are dishwasher safe
  • 15 settings
  • Heats up to 425 degrees
  • Butterfly heating element for even cooking – 1500 watts

What Customers Are Saying

This is one of the highest-rated woks on the market and may even be one of the highest-rated kitchen products overall. Customers are extremely happy with this wok, calling it the “top of the line” and marveling that their wok has lasted years and years.

The total average rating for this wok is an astounding 4.7 stars. The quality of the construction materials and the ease that you are able to cook food evenly are just two of the most popular features of the Breville wok.

3. Aroma Housewares 7 Quart Electric Wok

7 Quart Electric Wok (Catalog Category: Kitchen...

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The 7 quart electric wok from Aroma Housewares is a terrific tool to add to any kitchen and if you are going to invest in a tool like this, you want something that makes cooking, smoking, or stir-frying food in a wok as easy as possible.

That’s exactly what this wok does, giving you plenty of room for any amount of food you want to cook and offering features like the ones listed below to give you lots of wok for your money.

Here are some of the features of the Aroma Housewares 7 quart wok

  • Designed with the professional chef in mind
  • Heats up quickly
  • Retains heat throughout the wok
  • Easy to clean, use and store
  • Will work for braising, stir-frys, frying, steaming, smoking and more
  • Non-stick surface means your food will come out perfect
  • Handles that are designed to stay cool to the touch
  • Adjustable temperature control

What Customers Are Saying

Customers love this thing and it currently has a 5.0 rating – a perfect score! Customers talk about how easy it is to clean and how much of a bargain a wok like this is. You are getting a wok designed for a professional kitchen for a very reasonable price.

4. Presto 5900 1500-Watt Stainless-Steel Electric Wok

Presto 5900 1500-Watt Stainless-Steel Electric Wok

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This Presto wok is a 1500-watt stainless steel wonder, allowing you to create amazing, healthy stir-fry meals. This wok allows you to use just the tiniest amount of oil and sears food completely which preserves all of the flavor, not to mention the nutrients.

It has some amazing features and a great price and you’ll find it an extremely useful, easy-to-use addition to your kitchen. This is also one of the biggest woks out there when it comes to surface area so you’ll be able to cook as much food as you need to.

Here are some of the features that you get with this Presto wok:

  • Durable materials that will last you for many years to come
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 1500 watt element
  • Aluminum base
  • Heats evenly all the way through
  • Side handles that are cool to the touch
  • Glass cover so you can see how your food is doing
  • Dishwasher safe lid and bowl
  • Comes with long, wooden spoon
  • Surface area is 17x14x10 inches

What Customers Are Saying

Customers love the Presto 5900, raving about how well-built it is and how it outperforms many of the other woks on the market.

Of course, they are also happy that they have enough room to cook food even if the meal is extra-large but the main thing that everyone was excited about was how the temperature was maintained after it was reached so that food could cook faster and more flavor could be retained.

5. Aroma 7-Qt. Electric Wok

Aroma Housewares AEW-305 Electric Wok Easy Clean...

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If you plan on using your wok to cook big meals then you definitely need to consider the Aroma 7 quart electric wok. This is one of the biggest woks on the market, allowing you to create family-sized stir-frys, braise healthy vegetables or cook your entire family an Asian feast.

This wok features quality construction with a coated surface to prevent sticking and a design that promotes even heating and allows the wok to heat up quickly and retain that heat for fast cooking.  If you want a fast and simple wok that will fit in your budget, this is a perfect choice.

Features of the Aroma 7 Quart Wok

  • Features strong metal and plastic construction
  • Glass lid included so you can check your food
  • Huge surface area measuring 18.6×14.4×10.2 – one of the biggest woks on the market
  • Nonstick interior coating
  • Heats up super-fast and retains heat

What Customers Are Saying

Customers have rated this amazing wok at 4.4 stars, which is quite a high average. They are all raving about the taste with many commenting about how food tastes better than if they had bought it at an Asian restaurant.

Plus, the fact that it cooks food so quickly is a big bonus and many have commented on how easy it is to clean.

6. Aroma Housewares AEW-306 5-Quart Electric Wok

Aroma Housewares AEW-306 Electric Wok with...

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When you want to make a stir-fry, the wok is the perfect tool. Families that love Asian food will find this wok more than up to the task of smoking, braising or stir-frying. This wok comes from Aroma Housewares, one of the top brands for cooking appliances and it has some great features that you don’t find on every wok out there.

The keyword with this wok is customization, and you can tailor many things to your own cooking style including the temperature setting and the steam being released. For small or medium-sized families this is the perfect wok.

Here are the features of the Aroma Housewares AEW-306 Wok

  • Non-stick coating
  • Heats up fast and retains that heat
  • Designed for use in a professional kitchen
  • Large dome lid made of glass to see your food cooking
  • Adjustable full-range temperature control
  • Adjustable steam vent to create the perfect meal
  • Includes long chopsticks for cooking, steam rack and a tempura rack

What Customers Are Saying

Customers are big fans of this wok and are talking about how convenient it is to have their own wok and be able to customize their cooking. They love how solidly built this piece is and how well it cooks food. It has even converted a few non-cooks into amateur Asian chefs.

7. Aroma Housewares Super Pot with Grill Plate

Aroma Housewares ASP-137 Grillet 3Qt. 3-in-1...

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You simply cannot go wrong with the Aroma Housewares super pot. This little wok does everything you could possibly want in a cooking tool. It can serve as a skillet, steamer, slow cooker, sauce warmer, and more.

This 3.2-quart wok is perfect for two people who want to create perfect, tasty Asian meals. You can use this wok for braising, stir-frying, steaming, tempura, smoking and much more. It is designed to create perfect meals and to divide fat away from the food to cook perfect, healthy meals.

Features of the Aroma Housewares Super Pot

  • Comes in two different colors to fit your unique style – white and black
  • Multiple functions for maximum use: 3-in-1 skillet, steamer, slow cooker, stir-fryer, warmer and Sukiyaki cooker
  • The removable cooking pot that already have a pouring spout – dishwasher safe
  • Nonstick cooking surface coating with ridges to separate the fat
  • Large tempered glass lid
  • Adjustable temperature control – up to 450 degrees
  • Exterior is designed not to retain heat
  • 4×13.2×7
  • 1 year limited warranty

What Customers Are Saying

This is one of the highest-rated kitchen products on Amazon with customers giving it an average of 4.6 stars. Their comments include “Five Stars,” “Amazing,” “I love mine” and “Makes great meals.” There is a lot to love about this wok.

8. Aroma Housewares AEW-305 Electric Wok, Black

Aroma Housewares AEW-305 Electric Wok Easy Clean...

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When you want stir-fry that tastes authentic you usually have to go out to a Mongolian grill where they prepare it right in front of you in minutes. That is no longer the case when you have the Aroma Housewares AEW-305 electric wok. Create your own delicious Asian concoctions with this useful kitchen tool that allows you to braise smoke, steam and stir-fry to your heart’s content.

Enough room to prepare a meal for a small to medium-sized family and useful enough that you will keep it on the counter within easy reach.

Features of the Aroma Housewares AEW-305 Electric Wok

  • Great for braising, stir-fry, steaming and tempura
  • Professionally designed for use in commercial kitchens
  • Heats up super-fast and retains that heat throughout the cooking time
  • Handles and base are resistant to heat
  • Nonstick interior that heats up oil incredibly fast – three minutes or less
  • Two-setting continuous temperature control
  • 6 ½ quarts
  • Easy to clean

What Customers Are Saying

Almost all of the people who have purchased this wok have absolutely loved it with many commenting on how professional the food was when it was done and some professional chefs even noting that every pro needs one of these.

Things like easy cleanup, fast cooking and delicious flavor retention were all favorite things from customers.

9. Norpro 10-Piece Wok Set

Norpro 10-Piece Wok Set, Silver, 14 inch

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This wok was made for professional cooking students at Chef’s School and it comes with everything that you need to cook in a wok. When you want an Asian meal you don’t have to go out.

Now, with this handy instruction and recipe book, you can create your own Asian feasts at home and feed the entire family. Many people say that a wok of this quality can make even better meals than your local Asian restaurant and with this 14-inch carbon steel wok that heats up fast and cooks your food all the way through in minutes it’s easy to see why.

Features of the Norpro 10-piece Wok Set

  • 14-inch carbon steel material
  • Heats up quickly and retains heat
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with reversible burner ring, a pair of cooking chopsticks, 10 pairs of eating chopsticks, a wire steam rack, turner, ladle and tempura rack.
  • Also comes with an easy-to-use recipe book and manual.
  • To be used on gas and electric stove

What Customers Are Saying

Customers love this set because it contains everything that you need to create the perfect Asian meal.

You get so many different pieces which makes it one of the most versatile items that you will have in your kitchen and even though some customers noted that it wasn’t quite up to the quality of the professional-grade woks on this list, the stuff you get with it makes up for it.

10. Oster 4.5 Liter DuraCeramic Wok, Black

Oster 4.5 Liter DuraCeramic Wok, Black

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If you want a wok that is going to last you for many, many years then you want this DuraCeramic wok from Oster. If you know the name Oster you know that they are responsible for some of the most budget-friendly kitchen appliances and housewares on the market today.

This wok not only is made for any budget, it is also coated with DuraCeramic non-stick coating rather than Teflon, so it will last four times as long as a regular wok. No flaking, no peeling and it is totally safe. Plus, it cooks 20% faster than other coatings and is easier to clean.

Features of the Oster DuraCeramic Wok

  • This wok is super easy to clean thanks to the DuraCeramic
  • Has a DuraCeramic coating for four times the durability
  • The coating also means that food cooks even faster with the same flavor retention
  • Will not flake or peel and contains no PFOA or PTFE
  • 5 liters and surface area of 14x17x8

What Customers Are Saying

Durability is a huge factor when it comes to buying a wok and that’s why customers love this appliance. They adore the fact that is lasts as long as it does rating it an average of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon.


When it comes to woks you have a lot of choices out there. It all comes down to what you plan to use the wok for and how many people you are trying to feed.

There are a lot of great woks on this list, from high-quality professional versions to budget woks that will make it easy to get one. All you have to have is a desire for great Asian cooking and some ingredients and you’ll be making the perfect stir-fry in no time.