Top 10 Best Cordless Screwdrivers of 2018

A toolkit without a screwdriver or drill is incomplete. Screwdrivers can be categorized as either corded or cordless. No doubt, AC powered tools are still the ones to beat in terms of torque and power, but sometimes, the cable will just not reach the far corners of the yard. Cordless is available for such instances. If you are looking for a reliable cordless screwdriver, you have come to the right place.

We have a list of the 10 best cordless screwdrivers to have in your home, garage or office for a wide range of applications. These tools have different accessories, power levels and torque settings. Cost can also vary a lot as a result.

It is also important to note that some of these tools double as drills. Therefore, you need to determine whether you are interested in a simple tool or are planning to handle power-hungry tasks. If you are looking for a mini drill press instead, you can find them here.

With a few cordless screwdrivers in your collection, most of your DIY projects will be easy to execute. There are many brands of these drivers in the market, but we only highlight some of the best to consider. As you go through this list, remember that in reality, the price rarely lies.

PreviewNameRatingPriceMore Details
MAKITA DF010DSE excellent$$$Click Here!
DEWALT DCF680N2excellent$$$Click Here!
DeWALT DW920K-2 excellent$$$Click Here!
Hitachi DB3DL2excellent$$Click Here!
DEWALT DCF682N1very good$$Click Here!
BLACK+DECKER LDX120Cvery good$$Click Here!
WORX WX254L SDvery good$$Click Here!
VonHaus 6 in 1very good$$Click Here!
SKIL 2354-08good$Click Here!
4.8 Volt 1/4good$Click Here!

1. Makita DF010DSE 7.2-Volt

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It is usually nice to come across a power tool that is both powerful and compact. Our first cordless screwdriver on the list can deliver a maximum torque of 44in.lbs. This is astounding for a tool this slim.

Talking of slimness, the tool’s small size is part of its rich ergonomic qualities. Even a user with a small hand will find the grip fitting and comfortable. Switches for L.E.D. work light and other applications sit conveniently on the black and blue body.

If you may recall, there used to be a white replica in the market a few years ago. It was cheaper, so it makes one wonder what is in this 1.2 pounds tool. The design is excellent, mostly from the manner in which the weight has been fitted in the body. Operator fatigue is nothing to worry about with the tool that also comes with two Lithium ion batteries, low battery indicator and switch drive lock.

Apart from the popular pistol position, you can also this screwdriver in the straight position. There are two speeds at your disposal: 600 RPM and 200 RPM. No doubt, these speeds are a little on the higher side for most simple jobs, but a welcome variety nevertheless.

More features that are attractive include reverse switch, auto-stop clutch and pivoting handle. Even with a 7.2V lithium-ion battery, this device is still more expensive than similar models, especially from DEWALT® side.


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The mention of gyroscope probably raises price worries in you, but you will be surprised the DEWALT DCF680N2 is not that pricey- $99.00 on Amazon. Now, starting with the gyroscope, what exactly does it do? This component is used for controls, i.e. for controlling power and precision of the tool.

Like the Makita DF010DSE, this screwdriver is also compact and of a pocket-able size. It would be ideal for users that handle both larger and smaller fasteners. These include tradesmen, maintenance workers and cabinet installers.

Suitability for different job situations gives a screwdriver an edge. The DEWALT DCF680N2 has plenty of desirable features, starting with the variable speed, which can reach 430 RPM. The 40 in-lbs torque device also has an adjustable clutch that has at least 15 settings. With the spindle lock, the user can switch between manual and automatic modes with ease.

The grip of the tool is comfortable from any angle, even though users do not normally assume many angles when using a screwdriver. Anyway, the reverse grip would prove essential if you are working within an equipment box.

Definitely, this is not your tool if you are interested in nut-cracking power. Sometimes, the user has to go manual to tighten screws on a hard piece of wood. Simply put, if manual cannot handle, do not even think of using this tool for the same. In addition, prepare for some getting used to if you have never used such a tool before.

What do you get as extras? The screwdriver comes with a battery pack, kit bag and charger.

3. DeWALT DW920K-2 Heavy-Duty 1/4″

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It is difficult to get a power tool that is not only good looking, powerful and affordable, but also suitable for DIY projects and other small jobs. The DeWALT DW920K-2 Heavy-Duty screwdriver is one of the rarest tools-the reason why users are going for it in their droves. A prominent reason for this preference is performance. It can achieve maximum torque of 80 inch/pound, translating into an unbelievable power-to-weight ratio.

Every user is on the lookout for a tool that is not only lightweight, but also easy to operate. This device weighs at only 6.7 pounds, but that is only part of its user-friendliness. For example, the tool’s adjustable handle enables you to set the ideal grip for the job. You will also note that the screwdriver has a strong metal hinge, a further enhancement to handling.

The United States made tool comes with a 7.2-volt battery that has a long run time. This battery can charge within 1 hour.

Sometimes, good features on a machine also present drawbacks. For example, left-handed users find it difficult to get used to the reverse switch and forward lock. In addition, the straight position brings the battery to prominence, and this can make working awkward.

We are convinced that the pros of this tool far outweigh the cons. One can live with the minor problems experienced with the screwdriver, but it makes a good deal to enjoy all the nice features for only $98.67. Its reviews on Amazon are quite impressive, with 92% of its reviewers giving 5-star rating.

4. Hitachi DB3DL2 3.6

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Hitachi has produced some of most professional tools in the business consistently over the years, so you know what to expect from this device. What strikes the most about the device is the compactness-the tool is a mere 14.4 ounces.

Even if you have used other cordless power tools before, you will most probably get a completely new experience from the 1.5Ah Lithium-Ion battery, which offers three times the life of conventional batteries.

Are you interested in ultimate flexibility and comfort at work? The dual position handle should take you closer to choosing this device. Of course, we have seen other screwdrivers with this feature, but how many are as lightweight and compact as this machine? Because of these features, the tool is extremely efficient on simple home projects such as fixing light fixtures, hanging window drapes, drilling holes in corners and installing door hinges.

On safety, the tool scores very well. It has protection for over discharge and overload, which also enhances life. The 3.6V Lithium Ion battery is also an important and notable component of the tool. Hitachi is renowned for reliability, so you can bet this battery will outlive your estimated duration. Its performance is far beyond what you get from NiMH and NiCd batteries in terms of duration and consistency.

Maybe the 44 in. /lbs torque rating is unnecessary. Cordless screwdrivers average at 38 in. /lbs only, which is enough to handle most screws. Overall, this is a reasonably priced tool considering that it has multiple clutch settings, interchangeable batteries and an adjustable handle.

5. DEWALT DCF682N1 8V MAX Gyroscopic Inline Screwdriver

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Are you a professional looking for a cordless screwdriver that is not only compact, but also easy to control and carry? You should try out this technological marvel from the Maryland based company.

Anyone who has held this device or seen it at close range agrees to two things. First, ergonomics are a key selling point; and second, the tool has been designed to overcome beatings of the harshest jobsite. The plastic shell is visibly heavy duty and its tiny cutaways and indents sit perfectly on it.

If you are using the device for the first time, it will probably feel foreign for the first few moments. Unlike a host of other cordless screwdrivers that use buttons, the DEWALT DCF682N1 is motion activated. Turn the device slightly, and its spin increases. Turn it in the opposite direction and the speed reduces.

This screwdriver is the ultimate professional’s tool and does not disappoint on many levels. It has lighted illumination for working in confined spaces, a reliable battery state of charge indicator, and can spin variably up to a speed of 430 rpm. What else can ask from a gadget that costs only $69.00.

If you have any issue to pick with the device, it probably should be about its inability to assume the pistol mode position. Users who like switching between pistol and straight grips will likely go for the DCF680N2 because of its flexibility.

6. Black & Decker Ldx120c

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This is a highly popular drill/screwdriver, going by its online reviews. Most review sites give this tool top mark for its convenience, especially for DIY projects. Those who have used Black and Decker tools extensively may not be surprised-the company is renowned for quality around-the-house devices.

The BLACK & DECKER LDX120C is comfortable and compact, owing mostly to its lightweight (6.45 pounds, the battery included). If you work in confined spaces, this is a device to consider. Do not even worry about the screws overdriving and stripping in the course of work; its 11-position clutch offers numerous options depending on working position.

You can get up to 650 RPMs from the machine. Some people look at the drill speed setting and erroneously brand the tool one-speed. However, this is a modern drill so pressure on the trigger controls the speed. Though this may not be enough for heavy tasks, it should accomplish most jobs around the house.

You cannot talk about the prowess of a cordless screwdriver without enumerating the product’s battery capability. The fact that the driver already has a Lithium-Ion battery is proof enough that it can stack up power. Its 115 inch-pounds torque enables is ideal for drilling and screwing any sort of job at home.

Now, is the BLACK & DECKER LDX120C worth buying? The gadget is ideal for light drilling and screwing jobs and suits tight spaces. If you handle this kind of work at home, then grab this light machine. The tool will come with 20-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Battery, 20-Volt Max Lithium Drill/Driver, Double-Ended Bit and an Lcs20 Charger.

7. WORX WX254L SD Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver

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Nowadays, many users are taking the cool side of power tools very seriously. This tool is obviously looking to cover that segment of the market. The automatic gun-like device is sure to rekindle your childhood excitement when watching blockbuster movies. It has a comfortable one-hand grip to help you hold the work piece as you drill or screw.

Nowadays, the best cordless screwdrivers come with removable Lithium-Ion batteries so that one battery can charge as the other powers the tool. That is why it might appear strange that the manufacturers made the 4V battery non-removable. According to the manufacturer, the device is able to retain charge for up to 18 months (similar tools have almost same performance).

With conventional screwdrivers, getting the right bit can be a serious struggle, but not with the WORX WX254L. Cock the screwdriver until your preferred bit emerges. There is an extra set of six bits in case you do not get a suitable one in the first cartridge. Here is what is included in the two cartridges:

  • Screw Starter Drill Bit
  • H5
  • H4
  • H3
  • T20
  • T10
  • SQ2
  • SQ1
  • SL4
  • P2
  • P1
  • P0

For a cordless screwdriver that can also drill pilot holes, a sub-$40 price is amazing. Does the reloading technology of this automatic device also impress you? Check out this budget friendly tool.

8. VonHaus 6 in 1 USB Charging Cordless Electric Screwdriver

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This is a versatile, efficient and powerful screwdriver. Whether for garage or home, the tool gives excellent results. Ready to see what is in it? Here we go.

A quick look at the VonHaus 6 in 1 USB Charging Cordless Electric Screwdriver reminds of closely resembling drivers such as Powerplus 3.6V Li-ion Cordless Screwdriver with LED and Terratek 3.6V Lithium Ion Cordless Screwdriver Set. These tools are your best bet for portability and handiness, qualities you can also expect with this tool.

The driver’s barrel can store up to six bits. You can forget about misplaced bits in the drawer, as all you need now is to cock the tool until you get to the suitable bit. Nevertheless, there have been concerns about bits quality, that the manufacturer did not precision-forge them.

This tool could do any job in the home or even workshop- adjusting door hinges, building an armchair, hanging picture frames, dismantling the lawn mower, etc. Apart from its light weightiness (only 1.9 pounds), the device also compact to suit the applications mentioned.

It is also important to note that the manufacturers managed to make the device simple to use, despite its obviously advanced features-lock & load, overload protection, forward/ reverse, etc.

Has your task delayed because a screwdriver ran out of charge? This might be a good reason to order this screwdriver. The tool’s 3.6V lithium-Ion battery can keep the tool working for up to 5 hours.

9. SKIL 2354-08 Pink iXO 4V Max Lithium-Ion

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How many times do you come across a pink screwdriver or power tool for that matter? For its color alone, the SKIL 2354-08 Pink iXO gets competitive advantage, using marketing language. The color will add style to any DIY project. Apart from that, did you know there is nobler reason behind the color? If you purchase this tool, a portion of the money will go to Susan G. Komen for breast cancer research.

What a combination of compact design and power! This device has a maximum power of 4V, yet it is just palm sized. Its rubber handle adds to the convenience of using this tool on numerous tasks with minimal fatigue. Its Site-Light is a perfect guide as it illuminates whenever the user presses the trigger. This light will probably last the tool’s life, unless something extraordinary happens. Fans of the pistol grip will fall in love with this tool at first glance.

Versatility and reliability add a lot of value to any power tool. The lithium-ion battery can store charge for 18 months, which is great thing for any DIYer. For your cutting needs, you will find the cutter attachment a very important component of the screwdriver. In case you want to carry the tool constantly, the sturdy case comes in handy. Something else we find convenient with the beautiful tool: you can charge it using your phone charger, laptop or car charger.

The only substantial con with the gadget is the reverse switch position. Its close proximity to the trigger means you can accidentally switch it on.

10. 4.8 Volt 1/4 Inch Cordless Screwdriver Kit

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Like many other drivers in this list, this one has a pistol grip and perfect control to go with it. Yes, it is compact, but do not despise its capability. It can handle most DIY projects at home. Why should you be confident when taking this tool home? It has incredible power of 4.8 Volts; enough to do most home based jobs with finesse. Of course, the tool cannot compete with the likes of Black & Decker Gyro 4V Max Cordless Screwdriver and other variable speed equipment.

When you hold it for the first time, you will immediately feel the unique grip and comfortable weight. The handle is black plastic, and has a short holster attached, just in case you need to move around.

Like with other cordless screwdrivers in this category, controlling the trigger can be troublesome in the first few jobs. It might take some time to get used to the forward and reverse features.

Definitely, the ergonomics and performance of this tool make it ideal for most household tasks. The fact that it uses a NiCd Battery may not augur well with many users, given that these batteries seem to deteriorate fast. Remember that this device costs less than $20, so it does not hurt the pocketbook so much even if you were to replace it every few years.


In our opinion, these are the top 10 best cordless screwdrivers of 2017. They are portable, suitable for different projects, and most of them fit perfectly in the hand. Apart from their brand names, the tools also differ in terms of chuck size, screw type, speed, torque and other features. With this information, you should find it easier to identify the right cordless screwdriver.

There is no harm in buying a novice’s tool, but it might cost you if you wish to upgrade your levels rapidly. You might want to buy a more advanced/expensive tool so that it can last a few years as you learn more about these tools. Let us know when you find something that fits your needs.