Top 10 Best Compound Bows of 2020

For some people a bow is just a more interesting weapon to go hunting with, for others, it is the way to get in touch with a more romantic side of the world or to discover something about themselves.

Shooting a bow is completely different from shooting anything else because humans have been using the bow to hunt and to protect themselves for thousands upon thousands of years.

Best Compound Bows of 2020

The bow is as much a part of our common consciousness as is the warmth of an open fire. So when we created this list of the best compound bows we looked at them not only from a hunter’s perspective but from an atavistic perspective.

You can check out the table above to get a broad idea of what types of bows and what prices you should expect to see, but if you want to get the interesting details about each bow, you will need to scroll past the table.

1. Genesis Original Compound Bow

GENESIS Original Bow - RH Camo

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The Genesis Original compound bow is the standard against we will compare all of the other bows because it was chosen National Archery Schools Program to be their official bow.

They made this choice because, at just a little over 150 dollars, this bow comes equipped with every basic function a student would need. It has a competition grip, stainless steel cable guard, arrow rest, and a cable slide. Even more important than that, the riser is drilled so that, as you learn, you can bolt on new attachments to it.

It is made of aluminum and the pull weight can be adjusted from 10 to 20 pounds. Finally, we think it is pretty impressive that this compound bow has received a 4.8 star Amazon rating.

2. Barnett Vortex Youth Archery Bow in Camo

Barnett Vortex 45-Pounds Youth Archery Bow (Camo)

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The Barnett Vortex is a relatively inexpensive compound bow that you can buy for your child to learn how to shoot a bow. It comes with its own carrying case and three arrows so you can start playing with it from the first moment.

Still, a bow is not a toy, and the fact that the Barnet Vortex can be tuned to a pull weight of 45 pounds does say a lot about how strong this bow can be.

Still, if you believe that 45 pounds are too much, you can tune down the pull weight to 20 pounds. It also comes with its own sight and arrow rest and you can attach quite a few accessories on it for better accuracy.

3. Crosman Elkhorn Jr. Compound Bow

Bear Archery Brave Youth Bow – Green

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What follows are 3 dirt cheap and yet exceptionally good compound bows that would make a great gift for a child or small lady learning to shoot a bow. They are nowhere near as good as the more expensive bows in our list of the top 10 best compound bows available in the market in 2020, but they are still fairly good for the price.

The first is the Crosman Elkhorn Jr. which is a compound bow designed to be used from the moment you receive it at your door. It comes with its own quiver, 2 arrows, an arm guard and finger tab and its own sights.

4. Barnett Outdoors Lil Banshee Jr. Compound Archery Set

Barnett 1072 Lil Banshee Jr. Compound Archery...

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The Barnett Lil Banshee is the perfect compound bow to use if you would like your child to learn to love archery but he or she does not seem too enthusiastic about it. That is because Lil Banshee Jr. was created to be real eye candy for children and yet deliver the same technical qualities of a learner’s bow.

It comes with a choice of three colors, light green, pink or dark green and a soft touch grip. It is also one of the few bows that can be used by both left-handed and right-handed people.

Its only disadvantage is that it has a fixed draw force of 18 pounds. It is also interesting to note that it has a 4.3 stars Amazon rating from close to 270 buyers.

5. Barnett Outdoors Team Realtree Banshee Quad Youth Compound Bow Archery Set

Barnett Outdoors Team Realtree Banshee Quad Junior...

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The Barnett Team Banshee is the perfect bow to grow into from the Banshee Jr. or the perfect bow for a very strong child or a learning adult. That is because it has the same features as the Banshee Jr. but a pull weight of 25 pounds.

The good news is that it comes with its own arrows, adjustable pin sight, and finger rollers.

6. 13 Diamond Infinite Edge Bow Pkg Black

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package

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The 13 Diamond is one of the more powerful compound bows that we are going to feature here. It has a maximum draw weight of 70 pounds but it can be tuned down to just 15 pounds.

For that reason, it is the ideal bow if you know that your child will want to use it for several years and will get enough practice to get really good at it. However, you should be very careful with this bow because it can be lethal and, in fact, there are plenty of hunters who use it for deer.

With it, you get a 3 pin sight, arrow quiver and arrow rest, and a few more goodies that you can check out by following the link.

7. Bear Warrior III Realtree Camo Bow Set

Bear Archery Right Hand Warrior III Bow Set

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The Bear Warrior III is a fairly impressive looking bow, particularly when you consider that it is still just a kids’ bow. It has a draw weight of only 24 to 29 pounds so it is best suited for children over 10 years of age.

The thing that impressed us the most was the fact that the limbs have a 5-year warranty and, in a children’s bow, you can be sure that you will have to change them quite a few times during the lifetime of the bow.

8. Infinite Edge Compound Bow Package

Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Compound Bow Package,...

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Both the 13 Diamond and this compound bow are created by Infinite Edge and there is absolutely no difference between this and the 13 Diamond except for the color. This one comes in cameo while the other comes in a more fashion neutral black.

It too can be set for a draw weight of anything between 15 to 70 pounds and it too comes with the same accessories and right fitting set up so that you can upgrade it as much as you want.

9. Diamond Atomic Package Youth Model Compound Bow

Diamond Atomic Package Youth Model RH Blue

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Off all the bows we have featured this looks more the part than any of the others. The design of the Diamond Atomic has convinced us, more than anything, to include it in our list of the top 10 best compound bows that we would recommend.

It has an adjustable draw weight of anywhere between 12 and 30 pounds so it will be with you for quite some time and we really loved the fact that, of the 7 people who bought it and came back to leave a review, 6 gave it a 5 star rating on Amazon.

10. Bear Archery Brave 3 Right Hand Bow Set

Bear Archery Right Hand Brave 3 Bow Set (Black)

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We left the Bear Archery Brave 3 for the final spot in our best compound bows list because it is a fairly difficult bow to set under a particular category. At 63 dollars it should really be in the 50 dollars or less category but it costs a little over 13 dollars. Does it deliver the same level of quality as the 50 dollar compound bows?

Yes! Is it worth the extra money? Maybe! If you did not like the design of those other bows this one does look a little bit more expensive but, at a 15 to 20 pounds draw weight, it is really not a better bow than the others.