Top 10 Best Boxing Shoes of 2019

Picking the right pair of boxing shoes can not only mean the difference between comfort and precision, but also performance and success in your next boxing, or wrestling match.

A lot of people, believe it or not, still train in the gym may it be for MMA, boxing, or even kickboxing with their shoes off. And, while this might feel more comfortable, or aerodynamic, the truth is it’s not. Although, with the right pair of boxing shoes, you can experience not only increased comfort, but also flexibility, traction, and control the next time you step into the ring.

So, whether you’re a beginner boxer, conditioned, seasoned, or even a professional, chances are you’ll find our Top 10 Best Boxing Shoes list quite useful, and educational. You see, we know not only why it’s important, but specifically which trusted brands and types of boxing shoes have the best reputation for providing optimal speed, movement, and mobility.

Additionally, we’ve listed and rated these boxing shoes for you, based on ankle support, cut-design, best sparring shoes, and overall durability. We also chose these boxing shoes based on total weight, lightness, and flexibility– and you’ll find that a lot of these can also be used for weightlifting.

PreviewNameRatingPriceMore Details
Otomix Stingray Escapeexcellent$$$Click Here!
Cleto Reyesexcellent$$$Click Here!
Adidas Combat Speed 4 excellent$$$Click Here!
ASICS Men's Cael V7.0excellent$$Click Here!
Ringside Diablovey good$$Click Here!
Ringside Undefeated vey good$$Click Here!
Adidas Mat Wizard.3 vey good$$Click Here!
Adidas HVCvey good$$Click Here!
RIVAL BOXINGgood$Click Here!
Title Boxing Titlegood$Click Here!

1. Otomix Stingray Escape Bodybuilding

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The Otomix Stingray Escape Boxing Shoes are an excellent choice for anyone looking for true fit, light, and durable weightlifting or MMA shoes. These hold up very well and are reported by customers to provide both great balance and stability. Also, the soles are quality, comfortable, and will not slip – which is a major benefit to anyone using them for MMA or boxing.

Although true to size, few customers have warned that it may be best to purchase these shoes at a ½” larger fit, as they might be a bit on the tighter-side. And, while these are not the most ideal for karate because twisting and turning on top of mats effectively is unlikely, they are great for regular use in the gym during leg workouts and other cardio.

A lot of customers seem to trust the Otomix brand, and, as far as being one of the top 10 best boxing shoes this pair just makes sense because they’re built with quality material, and will hold up to regular use. If you go boxing or weightlifting daily, then the Otomix are a great choice, will offer a secure fit, and are light enough to apply the necessary force, preserve your energy, and get the most out of your training.

2. Cleto Reyes Leather 

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A highly recommended pair of (high top) boxing shoes, the Cleto Reyes Leather Lace Up’s seem to be one of the most popular pairs of boxing shoes available on the market. And, not only for its cosmetic appeal but, even in comparison to competing, big-name brands these Cleto Reyes are reported by customers to easily last a year or more, while others begin to fail and show major wear in tear in as little as 6 months.

If you’re looking for the best boxing shoes that will also wear and look well as regular sneakers, then these hands down are the ones to go for. They are also very soft and fit well. Perhaps one of its best qualities, they also shape to your feet in as little as one to two training sessions which are a nice plus and adds both comfort and precision during your boxing regiment.

The zipper design of these Cleto Reyes boxing shoes is also very effective and strong, and although the soles may be glued on rather than sewn, no customers have appeared to complain about discomfort, or any unusual wear and tear over time.

Overall, these high top boxing shoes get the job done, are comfortable, and have an absorbent interior – which means you will not experience problems or discomfort with them making contact with your legs. These are truly the boxing shoes for you if you’re looking for a pair that is most likely to fit like a glove, offer optimal sole and foot stability, and stand up to training on even harder surfaces, like concrete. A trusted brand and high top boxing shoe choice for even competitive fighters, these remain a top pick by customers.

3. Adidas Wrestling Men’s Combat Speed 4

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Adidas is well known and trusted for its sportswear and in particular lengthy, positive reputation for making quality footwear. So, it should come as no shock that the Adidas Wrestling Men’s Shoes are a great addition for any man (or woman) that is looking to get the most out of their wrestling or boxing experience. And, while these boxing shoes, in particular, are great for these sports, they’re also positively reviewed by happy customers to be perfect for weight training and leg workouts too.

As if that wasn’t enough, some customers have even shared that these Adidas boxing shoes in particular are well known and trusted by members of the Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) community – which says a lot. The Adidas Wrestling Men’s Combat Shoes have great grip to mats, and will not stick to a lot of surfaces like other boxing shoes. Overall, they are not only very stylish but, they also come in a wide range of vibrant colors which customers enjoy.

In comparison to competing for boxing shoes, these Adidas also have a well-designed ventilation system and support, and in addition to the flexible design makes for the perfect boxing shoes.

Boxers and wrestlers alike enjoyed these Adidas shoes because they also provided a lot of feedback from floor surfaces, which contributes to more rapid, consistent, and meaningful performance. And while these aren’t slip-on by any means, they are great for kids, and other than the bottom of the soles being rather easily stained – minor if an issue at all – there seems to be no other negative feedback in general for these boxing shoes.

4. ASICS Men’s Cael V7.0

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A very popular boxing and wrestling shoe, the ASICS Men’s Cael V7.0 is the perfect choice for any youth getting into physical sports such as these, especially those with smaller feet.

These ASICS are very comfortable, and will hold up to prolonged wear by youth wrestlers or boxers, and are equally useful for weightlifting. They are very flexible, and even assistant coaches and professionals alike have hailed them as one of the most modern, well-built, and reliable boxing shoes for seasonal wear and usage.

If you wrestle and have struggled in the past with using the heel to toe technique, then these would be the ideal wrestling shoes for you. They help you maximize on agility, ability to shift, turn, and lean more than any other boxing shoes around. And, while the laces have in rare instances been described as too short, this is an easy, relatively affordable fix.

Young athletes also like how these ASICS boxing shoes use a split sole design and describe it as adding both flexibility and durability. And, in comparison to other wrestling shoes, these seem to be verified as being the lightest, and quality for what you pay, and given their overall cosmetic appeal are a perfect match for most.

5. Ringside Diablo Muay Thai

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The Ringside Diablo Muay Thai Boxing Shoes are very popular today among boxing, wrestling, and MMA communities alike. And, thanks to their flexible fit and stylish design seem to be especially well liked and used by females and youth alike. So, whether you enjoy a plain black color, there is also a wide range of bright, neon glowing colors available, which customers really seem to enjoy and use to personalize their experience.

If you are looking for the best boxing shoes for ankle support and a flexible sole, then these Ringside Diablo’s are likely the most practical fit for you. Although they are made from quality, premium leather, the mesh materials and design also ensure your feet stay cool and receive proper ventilation – which is always important with wrestling or boxing shoes. So, if you want a pair of boxing shoes that fit how they’re supposed to, and true to their size, these are the optimal choice.

A lot of customers have also complimented these Ringside boxing shoes for providing improved footwork, and hail them as being perfect for training indoors, and sparing. For those that are newer to boxing, or are looking to find a “medium”, these boxing shoes make perfect sense in design, as they are not low or high-top. They are also great for avoiding slippage and are reported to be ideal for those with wide feet. So, if you’re looking for the best boxing shoes that are going to hold up for a year or more with consistent use, then the Ringside Diablo’s should be at the top of your list.

6. Ringside Undefeated High Top Muay Thai

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For men, women, and children alike, the Ringside Undefeated High Top Boxing Shoes are the ultimate solution to a more solid, lightweight, and effective training experience while in the gym, in the ring, or even bicycling. Customers have also said that these boxing shoes are stylish and comfortable enough that they can also be worn casually.

As some of the most well-made boxing shoes around, kids and adult boxing enthusiast’s alike report being able to use these for one hour or more training a day, for up to 5 days a week without any issues or loss of comfort. These Ringside boxing shoes are so light in fact, that one customer said they feel like “walking on air”, and will put a spring in your step. So, whether you’re looking for the perfect boxing shoes for heavy bag training or deadlifting, these Ringside Undefeated Boxing Shoes are the way to go. And, they also give great support!

If you’re looking for better grip, currently train or do karate without shoes or simply running shoes, then these can be a great solution, and, while soft are durable and flexible enough to still keep you safe and moving swiftly enough to get the most out of your training. Just remember, take your time lacing them up as with any boxing shoes, and that they run a little big, so don’t be afraid to size them down a bit before purchasing.

7. Adidas Performance Men’s Mat Wizard.3

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Whether you’re looking for the best wrestling, weight training or powerlifting shoes these Adidas Performance Wizard 3 Wrestling Shoes are at the top of our list. And, while some have noted they can be a little difficult to use in the ring, they are undoubtedly perfect for use in training, sparring, hitting around the bags, and any other workout you get done prior to your boxing match.

Given the amount of synthetics and mesh used with these Adidas boxing shoes, they are dramatically improved in providing both ventilation and flexibility. One customer did, however, also indicate that they are perfect for competitions. So, dependent upon your level of experience they will likely serve different purposes.

However, if you’re looking for boxing shoes that are durable and sturdy enough to hold up on your walk into the gym from your car, or even getting caught in the rain outside, these are definitely the ones to go with. It is worth noting, however, that in rare instances customers have complained about cracking. But, just remember, while it’s normal to receive these and most boxing shoes with a “tighter” fit, it is imperative that you accurately determine whether or not they are the correct size.

Lastly, in comparison to competing boxing shoes, the Adidas Performance Men’s Mat Wizard 3’s seem to have the greatest look and function. They have great grip, and, children along with older aged youth find them equally comfortable and correctly fitting for most boxing activities.

8. Adidas HVC Senior Wrestling Shoes

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Anyone looking for the best boxing, wrestling, or kickboxing shoes will find the Adidas HVC Senior Wrestling Shoes to be a perfect fit – no pun intended.

Great for kicking, these Adidas boxing shoes will hold up well to regular use, kicking, and other mat wrestling or MMA like activities and boxing for a long time. Customers, both young and old alike have found these boxing shoes to make them feel faster not only in the ring, but also on the mats, and when walking around or weightlifting in general. A lot of customers were also surprised at the premium quality materials used to build these shoes.

These boxing shoes are also perfect for pivoting and improving footwork. So, whether you intend to do squats, deadlifts, boxing, or even other cardio like skipping rope this is hands down at the top of our Top 10 Best Boxing Shoes list – and for good reason! The Adidas HVC Wrestling Shoes are not only great for beginners, but, also seasoned and professional boxers.

Especially great for acuity drills and exercises, happy customers reported enjoying these Adidas the most among boxing shoes because they have a practical, nice and flat sole, sufficient arch support, and provide excellent grip while wrestling. And, with their combined balance, and sturdy feel, are also a popular choice for wearing casually as well. Overall, a great pair of boxing shoes, with above average grip, and those who use them have had great results – and have verifiably returned to buy another pair!


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Rival has a long-standing reputation for producing some of the world’s most trusted, popular, and durable professional boxing gloves, and bags. And now, these boxing shoes by Rival stand to be one of the best possible choices available – especially for those who frequently experience shoe sizing problems and related foot issues. For example, toe soreness, pain, and overall sensitivity to wide or otherwise narrow boxing shoes is minimized with the Rival Boxing Boots.

So, if you have wider feet, and are looking for the best possible support for kickboxing training, these Rival Boxing Boots are the way to go. They also happen to be one of the most popular among female boxers and athletes and are reported to be extremely comfortable and supportive – which is great for longer training sessions and matches.

Designed with good quality threading, these boxing shoes not only reduce pain your arch, but, they also seem to stand up the longest in comparison to competing brands. And, in a lot of cases, customers have reported purchasing two pairs of these boxing shoes, because they are not only cosmetically appealing, but, also comfortable. Ultimately, if you’re looking to get the most support and flexibility out of your boxing shoes, then getting your hands on a pair of these Rival Boxing Boots today is the way to go.

10. Title Boxing Title Lo-Top Boxing Shoes

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Reviewed as some of the lightest boxing shoes available, the trusted Title brand has designed the Boxing Title Lo-Top Boxing Shoes which are guaranteed to keep you on your feet, feeling comfortable, light, and agile. And, in most cases, customers have reported feeling a lot faster with regular use, in comparison to both no shoes and competing for boxing shoes alike.

For those that do kickboxing, you may often find yourself training without shoes. And, while this might appear to contribute to feeling more flexible or aerodynamic, the truth is, a good pair of durable, well-made boxing shoes will greatly improve your overall balance and performance. In fact, customers have reported that these Title Boxing Shoes are some of the best for also weightlifting, using kettlebells, and even deadlifts.

Overall, these are top boxing shoes to use for inside the gym, and customers have been happy enough to be both repeat customers, as well as recommend them to family and friends.

Ultimately, these Title Boxing shoes are undoubtedly a proud part of our Top 10 Best Boxing shoes given how many happy customers they have produced. Additionally, their overall flexibility, performance, and cosmetic appeal. These boxing shoes are also great for wood surfaces, and although made of pleather, are ideal for beginner boxers, weightlifters, and wrestlers alike.


Which Boxing Shoes Are Right For You?

If you are still undecided as to which boxing shoes are the perfect match for you, don’t be discouraged. Just remember, if in doubt, the best route you can take is going with a trusted, verified, well-reputed manufacturer like Title, Adidas, or Ringside – especially if you are new to boxing. And, if not anything, just take away from this article that you don’t need to pay ‘an arm and a leg’ to get top quality boxing shoes – and that sometimes cheaper is actually better.

In fact, given today’s market and competition, there are plenty of major name brand, high-quality boxing shoes that are considerably more affordable than they were 5-6 years ago.

Also, if you have a particular, or more than one physical fitness, exercise, or sport in mind for your boxing shoes then try to match and invest in the most appropriate pair of boxing shoes to meet these needs. As you’ll find above, each of these boxing shoes is unique in design, flexibility, wear, and material build. For example, low, medium, and high-top are just one of several various qualities and design specifications you could pursue with the next pair of boxing shoes you buy.

Finally, try to prioritize comfort, fit, and overall durability when possible – especially if this is your first pair of boxing shoes. The last thing you want to do spend an unruly amount of money on a pair of boxing shoes only to find out they are uncomfortable, or do not give the right level of flexibility or bend that you need for training.