Top 10 Best Bow Cases of 2020

When you own a 1000 dollars bow, paying less than 150 dollars for a case to protect that investment does not sound like too much.

In fact, there are some bow cases that you can buy for less than 50 dollars and that is the price point where anyone can and should buy a case for their bow.

Best Bow Cases of 2020

So if you are just interested in finding the cheapest bow case on the market just glance over the table above and pick your favorite.

However, if you want to learn a little bit more about each case and make an informed decision then scroll past the table to see a short review detailing the qualities of each case.

Each one is good enough to make it on our list of the top 10 best bow cases, but each one is here for a different reason and you should read on to make an informed decision about what is the best for you.

1. Plano Protector Compact Bow Case

Plano Protector Compact Bow Case (Black)

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The Plano Protector is a 4.5 star Amazon rated case that costs less than 50 dollars and that should really tell you everything you need to know about it. It delivers a significant level of protection without looking like much and without any fancy gimmicks.

If you own a compound bow that costs you less than 150 dollars, it is a good idea to buy this case to keep it safe. It comes with a lining of high-density foam to protect it from any bumps or accidents. You can also safely store the bow limbs and arrows in a specially designed holder in the lid.

2. Plano AW Bow Case Bone Collector Series

Plano AW Bow Case Bone Collector Series

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The Plano AW bow case is a slightly more expensive case at almost 90 dollars but it comes with a few interesting features that we thought we would highlight for you.

The most important of them is the fact that the manufacturers have taken the time to get in contact with the airlines and this case has airline approval. The case has a holding system designed for the comfort grip so it will house any type of compact bow and will hold it firmly in place.

3. Allen Company Gear Fit X Compound Bow Case

Compound Bow Case, Black Gear Fit X Fits Compound...

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Although each of the cases in our top 10 best bow cases list has its merits, our favorite is the Allen Company Gear Fit X. For one, it only costs 70 dollars so it may not be the cheapest but it is definitely not the most expensive case you could get.

Second, we love the fact that it made from soft fabric so it will not bang away in the car or against your backpack if you choose to take it with you hunting.

The interior is lined suede, the walls are padded and the exterior is a fashionably neutral black. You can fix the bow and the arrows inside with straps and you have 10 exterior pockets for all the accessories of the bow and even some other personal things like a phone or a wallet.

4. Mossy Oak Compound Bow Case

Mossy Oak Compound Bow Case

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The Mossy Oak compound bow case is the younger, less expensive, distant cousin of the Allen Company Gear Fit X. It also has a soft exterior and a cameo design so you can take it with you hunting if you want.

The walls are not as thick and it does not have as many straps on the inside but, then again, it only costs a couple of bucks over 20 dollars. Still, it does have a 4.3 stars Amazon rating, which is quite impressive for such a simple bag.

5. Flambeau Compound Bow Case

Flambeau Outdoors 6461SC Safe Shot Bow Case,...

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The biggest advantage of the Flambeau is that it is a fairly big compound bow case and you can easily fit any compound bows in it. It obviously is not a secret that we prefer the soft cases but, as far as hard cases go, the Flambeau is pretty good.

And there are activities and people that simply would not work without a hard case and the fact that this case has a built-in pillar structure for extra support is really impressive.

6. Plano 1109-00 Protector Series Ultra Compact Bow Case

Plano Protector Ultra Compact Pillar Locked...

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The Plano 1109 is the perfect case to buy if you have just bought the bow used in the National Archery in the Schools Program for several reasons.

For one, it perfectly fits that bow and it also looks very cool. Second, it has a patented crush-proof pillar structure that will definitely come in handy during the lifetime of the bow. Finally, it can hold up to six arrows in together with the bow so you can be sure that your child will not forget the quiver or any of the arrows at practice.

Of course, that is unless he forgets the entire case.

7. SKB Hunter Series Bow Case

SKB Cases Hunter Series 2SKB-4117 Portable Bow and...

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The reason why we decided to add the SKB Hunter Series bow case to our list was the fact that this is one of the most somber cases we could find. It delivers an excellent level of protection, with plush lined interior and polyethylene foam, it has a rigid ABS shell and it has a perfect shut line so dust or moisture does not get in.

Still, from the outside, it does not look like a state of the art case and does not hit at how expensive the bow inside might be.

8. Plano Compact Bow Case – Camo

Plano Compact Bow Case - Camo

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The biggest advantage of the Plano Compact bow case is also its greatest disadvantage. It traps the bow in foam, in a special cut out shape. That means most of the bows on the market today will fit pretty snug in it and will really be kept safe but it also means that other bows will simply not fit the cutout.

So if you consider buying it, you should make sure that your bow fits or that it is worth paying for the return in case it does not.

9. Plano Molding Company Ultra Light Bow Case

Plano Ultra Light Bow Case, Black

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The Plano Ultra Light bow case is the second ultra-cheap, yet impressively sturdy bow case that we have decided on our list of the best bow cases. It has the same extra-strength case with two pillar supports that are a standard on more expensive cases and a dense foam padding that will keep your bow safe.

Also, it has a 4.5 star Amazon rating which is quite impressive for such an inexpensive case.

10. Plano 10640 Bow Guard SE Pro 44 Bow Case

Plano 10640 Bow Guard SE Pro 44 Bow Case Black

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We left the Plano Bow Guard for last because, of the hard-shelled bow cases we have featured here, this is our favorite. Coming in at just 65 dollars it is a fairly cheap case and yet it has many safety features like the arrow retainers that double as lock pillars and the straps that keep the bow fixed to the foam.

Equally impressive is the fact that the accessory box can be removed and that the case holds up to a dozen bows safely tucked away. It is everything we would want in a hard case at a more than reasonable price.