Top 10 Best Baby Walkers for Carpet of 2020

When you have carpeting throughout the house it can be frustrating choosing a baby walker, because they are often made only for bare floors. Even some brands which claim to roll on carpet often do not – at least not without a phenomenal amount of effort. So, how do you choose the best baby walker for the carpet?

Best Baby Walkers for Carpet of 2020

We’ve reviewed the majority of the market for carpet-friendly baby walkers and have come up with ten that are incredible. These baby walkers promise to work on carpets and they deliver. We used product reviews and ratings, quality of construction, the technology behind the walker, and much more to show you the ten best baby walkers for carpet.

1. Joovy Spoon Walker

Joovy Spoon Baby Walker & Activity Center...

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This is a great walker with some terrific features. Probably the best thing about it is that it doubles as a high chair thanks to an extra-large tray with a dishwasher-safe insert. Your little one can roam around the house and when it’s time for a meal there is no need to change chairs, and that’s a good thing because with the super comfortable seat pad your toddler won’t want to get out.

Here are the features of the Joovy Spoon Walker.

  • Folds flat so you can easily store it when traveling
  • Non-slip stair pads
  • Large wheels
  • Wide base to prevent pinched fingers
  • Three different height settings so it will grow with your baby
  • Machine washable, super comfy seat pad
  • Huge tray with dishwasher-safe insert
  • Contains no BPA or PVC

What Parents Are Saying

Everyone is talking about the Joovy Spoon walker! Many parents were concerned when they first started searching for walkers because of Consumer Reports recently warning of the dangers of walkers, but this walker is different with a whole arsenal of safety features to prevent injury.

For example, the non-slip stair pads, the wide base so your baby can’t reach electrical cords or other dangerous items. This is simply a great walker and it is highly recommended.

2. Chicco Walky Talky Baby Walker, Spring

Chicco Walky Talky Baby Walker, Spring

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With its Walky Talky model, the Chicco brand offers a baby walker perfect for the awakening of toddlers and promises great moments of play and discovery. This baby walker can be used from 6 months and up to 12 kg.

Thanks to the comfortable seat and the support that it allows, the child is perfectly installed and balanced to learn to take his first steps at his own pace. When ordering, parents can choose to personalize this baby walker by entering the child’s name and thus receive a label to stick on the object.

Once equipped, the baby benefits from the large 3D game bar at his disposal, which can also be configured in different ways. The height of the baby walker is adjustable (no less than three possible positions), which makes it a perfect accessory capable of adapting to all sizes.

This baby walker is equipped with a safety system: its wheels lock as soon as an obstacle appears, allowing the child to go and play freely. Parents can then easily store the baby walker since it is designed to fold up and take up as little space as possible once in the closet.


3.Hauck Jungle Fun Player Baby Walker

Hauck Jungle Fun Player Baby Walker

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The Hauck H-64201 baby walker will quickly become a real ally for toddlers. They will find there an ideal object which will help them to take their first steps in all serenity, according to their desires and according to their motivation.

They will be able to learn to move around independently while having fun thanks to the tablet, which is also a removable, with which this model is equipped. They will have fun with music and games for optimal awakening.

This baby walker will allow parents to adapt it to the child since the seat is adjustable in height: you can keep it longer. The baby is also comfortably installed, perfectly well wedged against the most comfortable backrest and on the reinforced seat.

Once the child leaves the seat, the baby walker is easily stored thanks to an elaborate folding system to take up as little space as possible. In short, it’s a perfect baby walker for all curious babies, eager to take their first steps with confidence. However, you will need to keep an eye on your child.


4. Little Balance Box Baby Walker

Little Balance Box 2-in-1: No Wheels Spring Feet,...

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If you want something that has an innovative approach that allows your baby to develop both their leg and arm muscles you want the Little Balance Box Baby Walker. Instead of setting your baby in a walker, allow them to push this walker around and they will always be occupied and start roaming around the house under their own power.

This product was designed by a physical therapist (and mom) and so you can be sure that it is safe and effective. Plus, this walker doubles as a percussion instrument to keep your child’s attention even longer.

Features of the Little Balance Walker

  • Spring-loaded feet that are contoured to allow easy pushing across carpet, tile or wood, plus the bouncing will keep your baby happy
  • Made of sustainable bamboo
  • No BPA or PVC to make this product
  • Large base for stability but still small enough to it into a closet
  • Ergonomic border that was designed for baby hands
  • The top produces a drum sound which will entertain your baby
  • Could also be used as a table for toddler snacks or meals when combined with a small chair

What Parents Are Saying

Parents love the balance walker because it helps build a baby’s muscles and there is no danger of them growing out of it so quickly that the money is wasted. Everyone loves how well it transitions from wood to carpet and this product has impressed customers so much that it does not have a single one-star or two-star rating.

5.Disney Minnie Music and Lights Walker

Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Music and Lights Baby...

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Another Disney walker is next up on our list – and actually another Minnie Mouse. Mickey and Minnie are so instantly recognizable by babies and toddlers that they are the perfect theme for a walker. This Minnie walker features lots of toys for your child to play with and the image of Minnie Mouse all over the seat.

Plus, it is priced lower than most walkers and qualifies for free shipping. This is really a terrific product that you will get a lot of use out of.

Features of the Disney Minnie Music & Lights Walker

  • The seat has three height adjustments so if you get it while your baby is still on the shortest setting you will be able to use it for quite a while
  • The activity trays are removable to convert into a table, plus they swing open
  • Featuring some of the most memorable Disney characters
  • Sturdy wheels that easily move across carpet or tile
  • Grip strip safety feature to prevent the walker from moving on uneven surfaces.
  • Folds almost completely flat for travel and storage

What Parents Are Saying

Parents were really pleased with how well this is constructed and how easy it was to assemble once it arrived. They also loved how the play areas swing out which provides additional bumper protection as well as exposing a recessed part of the tray that they can use for snacks.

6. Disney Minnie Mouse Glitter Music and Lights Walker

Disney Minnie Mouse Glitter Music and Lights...

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This Minnie Mouse walker is amazing. Your child will feel they are snuggled up with Minnie Mouse when they are in this walker, with a huge image of Minnie making up the seat. Their eyes will light up when they see their favorite Disney characters and their little hands will stay busy with all of the toys and activities that this walker offers.

With terrific features and an officially licensed Disney-themed design, this will be your baby’s favorite walker.

Features of this Minnie Glitter Walker

  • This walker features a padded seat that you can clean in your washing machine
  • Three different height adjustments on the walker means you can use it while your baby grows
  • Oversized play area with removable activity trays that also swing open
  • Grip strips for catching the walker if it ever gets near stairs or on an uneven surface
  • Easy to roll with sturdy wheels

What Parents Are Saying

Parents loved the Disney theme of this walker and how it helped their baby develop their balance and coordination. They were pleased with the bright colors and how well their children took to the walker. Most of the parents would highly recommend this walker.

7. Safety 1st Sounds ‘n Lights Discovery Walker

Safety 1st Dino Sounds 'n Lights Discovery Baby...

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When a company puts safety on its letterhead, you know that they are serious about it and Safety 1st has earned a reputation for making some of the safest baby products on the market.

This walker is a perfect example of how they are doing that. With grip strips all the way around the base and solid wheels to make the walker easy to push across carpeting, wood floors, or tile, this is one of the top walkers on the market today.

Features of the Safety 1st Walker

  • This walker folds almost flat so that you can easily store it in the closet or car
  • Activity trays contain plenty of things to keep your child occupied for hours on end
  • Bright colors and a very aesthetically pleasing design
  • Grip strips prevent the walker from moving on uneven surfaces
  • Machine washable seat
  • Sturdy wheels that move easily across carpet
  • 5 different toys that your child will love
  • A dinosaur theme complete with lots of movable objects, sounds and lights

What Parents Are Saying

Lots of parents loved this walker and rated it at five stars. Some even sent back the walker they had in favor of this one – including a Baby Einstein walker. The only thing that parents say about this walker is that some babies may not be able to reach the floor, but of course, they will grow into it and that’s a major advantage, especially with three height settings.

8. Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walker

Bright Starts Roaming Safari Walk-A-Bout Walker

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The Bright Starts Walker is a terrific product on the market with lots of variety. If you are tired of the boring old walkers with the empty trays, the Bright Starts walker is just what you are looking for.

Choose from four different colors – which means that each new color gets a new assortment of toys – and pick the one that your baby will like the most or – at these prices – get two.

Features of the Bright Stars Walk-a-Bout

  • 4 different colors for you to choose from – green, juneberry delight, roaming safari and kaleidoscope safari
  • 4 different landscapes of the activity trays depending upon the color you choose
  • Toys have lights, music and sound effects
  • Toys are removable so they can be played with on the floor
  • 3 different height positions for the perfect fit
  • Volume control so you can keep the walker quieter when you need a break
  • Folds easily for storage or travel
  • Places where you can easily add more toys if desired

What Parents Are Saying

This is a great walker that parents and children alike adore. It is bright and colorful, safe and has a great price. The only thing that you might want to be aware of is that you have to remove the rubber stoppers if you want to use it on carpet.

9. Safety 1st Ready-Set-Walk Walker

Safety 1st Ready-Set-Walk Walker, Dottie

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The Safety 1st Ready-Set-Walk Walker is perfect for your growing little one with three different height adjustments that will make sure that the walker fits your baby perfectly and grows with him plus an assortment of toys that your baby will love.

There are five different design schemes for you to choose from including one officially licensed Disney Mickey Mouse theme. You get all of the features and one of the top brands in walkers when it comes to safety.

Features of the Safety 1st Ready-Set-Walk Walker

  • Five different colors: dottie, hi-fi, Mickey silo, Nantucket and whale bay
  • Five different assortments of toys including one Mickey Mouse theme (when you choose color)
  • Three toys that are designed to stimulate child development
  • Wide base means it won’t tip over
  • 12 different melodies and flashing lights
  • Padded set for maximum comfort
  • Machine washable seat, no crevices for easy cleaning

What Parents Are Saying

Parents are even bigger fans of this walker than their little ones. They love the price of this walker and all of the different options that they get when it comes to choosing the right toys for their baby.

10. Playskool Step Start Walk ‘n Ride

Playskool Step Start Walk 'n Ride Active 2-in-1...

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If you are looking for a great alternative to the conventional walker you are going to love the Step Start Walk ’n Ride from Playskool.  This toy is designed to give you as much use as you possibly can get all the way from as soon as your baby can hold their head up to all the way into their toddler years.

That’s because this walker not only helps them build up leg and arm muscle, but it actually converts into a riding toy that toddlers can use. This innovative idea could only come from Playskool.

Features of the Playskool Walk ‘n Ride

  • Fun toys made by what is probably the top brand of children’s fun stuff
  • Toys are designed to have two-in-one activities like clicking and locking
  • Sturdy walker that won’t tip over easily so your baby can learn to walk
  • Converts later to a riding toy for toddlers so that you’ll get years of use out of it
  • Spinners on the front and back
  • Bright colors and designs

What Parents Are Saying

It should come as no surprise that parents love this Playskool product. People have mentioned that they love how their baby can easily get around in it. When it comes to walker toys this one is so innovative and useful long into the toddler years that getting one is a no-brainer.


How To Choose Your Baby Walker – Buying Guide

For the comfort and safety of your baby, choosing a baby walker should never be a coincidence or an overlooked task. It is therefore advisable to know the criteria to be favored when purchasing such equipment. First, you have to choose the one that is suitable for the size and age of your child. This means that the latter must be able to sit alone on the baby walker and without any waist. In short, for the use of the baby walker to be beneficial to him, he must be able to stand upright and his feet touch the ground.

Regarding age, it is possible to use this equipment from when the baby is 6 months, but it mainly depends on the models. However, you should avoid putting a child who does not yet have a sense of balance on the baby walker. You should also opt for equipment that provides good stability and optimum safety for your child. The presence of brakes to lock the wheels and non-slip pads are considerable advantages in terms of safety.

In addition, you must choose a baby walker with a wide base in order to keep your little one up and, possibly, to slow him down in his tracks. We must not forget the comfort of the equipment. The ideal is for the seat to be padded so that it can benefit from a cozy and pleasant seat. When it comes to the backrest, make sure it is high enough to support your child’s back. In addition, it is advisable to choose an upgradeable baby walker, which offers the possibility of adjusting its height as well as the crotch of the carrycot.

Why buy a baby walker?

The baby walker offers many advantages for your little one. First of all, it helps your child’s leg muscles, at the same time it teaches him to better coordinate the movement of his legs to back up, forward, turn, or a brake. The baby also benefits from comfortable help in discovering the world around him on his own. With this in mind, he learns to acquire a little autonomy and to have total freedom of movement.

This will develop his motor skills while giving him a little more confidence. In addition, he benefits from optimum safety when traveling. In addition, most trotters have a small table with small games that produce either light or music. This will awaken your child’s senses and keep them entertained as they walk around the house. But we must not forget that the baby walker also has some advantages for parents.

Indeed, they will no longer worry since their baby can now move around without risking falling. They also have the option of doing their household chores while their baby is on the baby walker. Of course, they have to keep an eye on their offspring. Finally, they can be sure that the latter does not do anything stupid while he is on the baby walker.

How to use a baby walker?

In order for the baby walker to be truly beneficial for your child, it is important to follow certain rules. First of all, don’t be in a rush to put your little one on the equipment until he is able to sit up on his own. Otherwise, it could have serious consequences for its growth. In addition, it is advisable to limit the use of the baby walker, in order to prevent your little one from becoming too lazy and to allow him to acquire a taste for walking.

Ideally, they use the equipment for one hour a day, in increments of no longer than 15 minutes at a time. In addition, parents should always supervise their children when they are on the baby walker. Indeed, they must ensure that their little one cannot access slopes, unevenness, and stairs that can lead to accidents. At the same time, they must remove from the path that the child could take all objects that may constitute an obstacle or that may fall on him. Access to dangerous areas such as chimneys, corners of furniture, ovens, etc. must be prevented.


There are a lot of walkers on the market and many of them share the same features. But when you are looking for walkers that are great for carpeting you want to make sure that the wheels can easily move through carpet and that there are grip strips or another safety feature that prevents movement across uneven surfaces.

From there it is mostly a matter of selecting the walker that you think your child would like best, based upon the colors, design or type of walker that it is. Whichever one you choose, your baby is sure to love cruising around the house in it!