Top 10 Best Office Chairs under $200 of 2020

Few business owners consider this but sitting on a good quality office chair can actually improve your and your employee’s performance by a measurable percent.

That is because people tend to work better when sitting comfortable, and not having to worry about being too hot or too cold, or about back pains, means they will spend that much more time focused on the job at hand.

Best Office Chairs under $200 of 2020

In fact, one of the most important things to consider when buying an office chair is exactly what type of climate your office is in, and what temperature you are able to maintain in the office. For hot areas of the country, a full leather chair with padding may look great, but it will certainly not feel great just after a couple of hours of sitting in it.

However, in colder areas of the country that same chair will feel like a blessing from God because it will feel incredibly comfortable and, at the same time, it will also keep you feeling nice and toasty.

But the more important thing to consider is the fact that you do not need to spend more than a couple of hundred of dollars, and sometimes not even that so that you and your office employees will sit nice and comfy.

So make sure to scroll past the following list where you can indeed find all the best office chairs under $200 on the market today and the most significant details about each one, and check out the in-depth reviews we have created for them so that you can make a truly informed decision.

1. SPACE Eco Leather Manager’s Chair

SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid Dark Back and...

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Considering the fact that we live in a very hot part of the country, we believe that the best office chair on the market today has to be the SPACE Eco Leather Manager’s Chair. It is a firm mesh back so it is very comfortable and yet it allows your back to breathe and to cool down even while you are sitting down.

The base is made from eco-leather, which is to say no animal has been hurt in the making of this chair, and yet it looks very much the part of a manager’s chair and at the same time, it is sturdy enough to face the test of time, like any leather upholstered chair would.

The chair can only be adjusted in height and it has a relatively narrow tilt option, just enough to make it comfortable as an office chair but not so much so as to turn it into a lazy boy. It also has a high-quality lumbar support system that will help protect and support your lower back, which can actually add several hours to your workday.

The one thing that is different on this office chair from most others on the market today is the fact that you can adjust the height of the armrests.

That is an incredibly important feature if you consider the fact that most office ergonomic sitting training will have you adjust the position of your arms relative to the monitor on your desk. The arm rests themselves are padded and incredibly comfortable, so, provided your office is a relatively warm and comfortable one, the SPACE Eco Leather Manager’s Chair is your best choice.

2. Alera Elusion Series Swivel Chair

Alera ALEEL42ME10B Alera Elusion Series Mesh...

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Sometimes making a business work is not just about how productive that business is, but also how much money it is spending. That is why our second choice is a chair that is almost as good as the SPACE Manager’s Chair, but a lot less expensive.

The Alera Elusion Series Swivel Chair manages to keep its price down for a very simple reason: it did away with the leather upholstery and heavy-duty lumbar support. The back is still made from a very firm mesh and is ergonomic design, so it is quite comfortable even without the support, and the fact remains that using leather is more about making a statement of luxury, so it is something that you should not have that much trouble giving up.

Except for those 2 aspects, the chair is just as comfortable and can be adjusted both in height and in tilt, making it an excellent alternative choice if you need to stay within a tight budget.

3. WorkSmart Faux Leather Manager’s Chair

Office Star FL Series Faux Leather Manager's...

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Finally, we need to turn our attention to what most of our readers will identify as a “true” manager’s chair: the WorkSmart Faux Leather Manager’s Chair. It is obviously the most comfortable office chair you could hope to have, providing padded support not only for your lower back but for your neck and shoulders too.

Provided you live in a part of the country with moderate to cold temperatures, or that you do not have a problem using the air conditioning on full blast, this is the most comfortable chair you could have. It even has extra thickness padded armrests, although it should be mentioned that they are not adjustable.

In terms of adjustments, you have full control of the height, but you will not be able to fully tilt the chair backward, although some adjustments are possible, and you can even adjust the tilt tension on the chair for when you do want to lean back.

4. Alera Elusion Series Multifunction Chair

Alera ALEEL42ME10B Alera Elusion Series Mesh...

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If you are willing to give up the managerial look of faux leather, and you do want that full tilt function that will even let you power nap at your desk, then your best choice is the Alera Elusion Series Multifunction Chair.

It gives you the possibility to fully tilt backward and to leave it in free-floating mode or choose one of the infinite choices you have on that axel. The edge of the seat was specifically designed in a waterfall shape to relieve any pressure that the chair might exert on the back of your legs.

And the fact that the back has a breathable mesh means that this is the perfect chair to relax in after you have gone through the day’s most important tasks.

5. Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair

Boss Office Products High Back No Tools Required...

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Although we absolutely love the price and quality combo on the WorkSmart Manager’s Chair, if you are willing to spend a little bit extra you can get the Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair.

It has the same type of cushions making it a very comfortable chair, but it was also designed to provide the maximum support for your lumbar area. It also has a waterfall line to protect the legs, and its silver and black accents do make it look like a much better choice for a manager’s chair.

The only reason why it was not our first choice is that the price is somewhat higher than that on the Worksmart option.

6. Flash Furniture High Back Leather Chair

Flash Furniture High Back Black LeatherSoft...

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Since we have already started talking about some more expensive options for the best office chair under 200 dollars spot, we also need to mention the Flash Furniture High Back Leather Chair.

It is the priciest chair on our list, but it is made from actual leather with a polyurethane coating that gives it extra durability and makes it easier to clean. Further than that you also get a 3 paddle control system plus a knob that controls the tension level applied on your lumbar region to support your back.

Basically, this has the chance of being the most comfortable chair in your office, provided you can afford it.

7. LexMod Attainment Office Chair

Modway Attainment Mesh Back and Vinyl Seat Modern...

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Since we have already given you our most expensive choices, we are going to turn our attention to some of the most affordable office chairs on the market that still deliver enough of a quality boost to be in the 100 dollar range.

The LexMod Attainment Office Chair is the most expensive of these chairs, but its mesh back and leatherette seat, coupled with its funky design, make this a great looking office chair.

The arms are padded and very comfortable and you also have control of the chair’s height and tilting tension.

8. Brown Modern High Back Leather Office Chair

Modern Fabric Mesh High Back Office Task Chair...

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If you are looking for a good looking executive chair but do not want to pay the premiums those kinds of chairs usually go for then your best choice would be the Brown Modern High Back Leather.

It is made from faux leather, which was obvious given the price, but the quality of the manufacture is absolutely excellent.

You still have the option to control the height, which is excellent, and the entire thing looks and feels very comfortable indeed.

9. Flash Furniture GO Office Chair

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black LeatherSoft Swivel...

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If you are really on a tight budget, but still need an excellent office chair that not only looks good but is also very comfortable, we suggest going with the Flash Furniture GO Office Chair. It is made from faux leather, but still looks great and the padding on the seat as well as on the back is very generous.

The design is very aerated so even if you use the Flash Furniture GO in a hot climate, you will not get overheated.

10. LexMod Edge Office Chair with Mesh Back

Modway Edge Mesh Back and White Vinyl Seat Office...

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We have already featured the best LexMod office chair when we started our search for the most affordable office chair in the under 200 and in the 100 dollar range, but we know that when it comes to office chairs, the most conservative of you, will still prefer a black chair.

So you have the LexMod Edge Office Chair with Mesh Back, which is an even more affordable chair than its brown counterpart, and it is just as comfortable and looks just as good. The mesh back is a must for the extra hot parts of the country, and the rest of the chair looks great with its leatherette fabric.